YouTube Star Releases Cremation-Themed Goth Makeup Palette, Faces Backlash

YouTube Star Releases Cremation-Themed Goth Makeup Palette, Faces Backlash

The morbid theme of Jeffree Star's new eyeshadow palette has raised eyebrows and he has been criticized for being "insensitive" and "tone-deaf."

Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy. The singer turned beauty guru has now become a part of a brand new controversy regarding his recent product release. Star released a new eyeshadow palette collection that has been named "Cremated." The morbid theme of the palette has raised eyebrows and the make-up mogul has been criticized for being "insensitive" and "tone-deaf." The color shades are labeled, R.I.P., Pallbearer, Eulogy, Goodbye, Life Insurance, Angel of Death, Grave Digger, Death Certificate, Burial Gown, Hearse. This comes at a time when the whole world has been dealing with a deadly virus that has claimed the lives of over 300k people around the world.



The palette was introduced by Star himself on his YouTube channel where he explained what went into the creation of the new product. Reminiscing about his days as a goth in high school who had to use felt tip pens as make-up products, Star said this was the type of pastel goth colors he would have loved to have back then. "We were supposed to have a very gothic and dark spring but, of course, things did not go according to plan, but that's okay," he said of the COVID-19 outbreak forcing him to postpone the release of his palette.



He then went to explain the inspiration behind the name of the palette and stated, "You know when you are really blown away by something, you're mesmerized, and it's so sickening? Me and my friends love to say, "B****, I'm cremated. Baby, I'm deceased!"



The context that inspired the 34-year-old has been a part of his vocabulary for a long time and Star has been a part of macabre things in the past as well. During his stint as a singer, he even had a grave-digging shoot for Alternative Press magazine. The timing, however, could not have been the worst all things considered. In addition to the palette, the collection also includes a four-piece lip gloss collection, a few makeup bags, and straw set all with a marble-esque theme as well as an urn logo. A lot of his fans who are acquainted with his dark catch-phrases were immediately welcome to the concept of the palette. Many others were unhappy about it.



On Instagram, users expressed their concern with the name of the collection and its ill-timed release. User pwoblematique stated, Not the best marketing idea tbh. On the other hand, user maddykakers wrote, People will complain about anything. I swear! I am super excited! Maybe with all these sensitive Sally’s, the checkout process will go smoothly! But Star has responded to the backlash by stating that he’s "never played it safe," reported Us Weekly. "[It] is not just an eyeshadow palette, it’s more than that. There are always so many meanings with my art and that’s what it is, it’s mine and I create it for the world. It is allowed to be interpreted any way that anyone wants to take it but I always come from a good place," he went on to say.



He continued, "On a real level, you guys, my own father was cremated. My two dogs that passed away last year were cremated. So nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life. So if you take it that way, that’s how you articulate things but, bitch, not me." Many fans were also quick to point out that the name for the palette had been registered last year and it had nothing to do with the pandemic. Others maintained that the theme for a make-up product would never be okay, pandemic, or not.


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