You Can Now Get Elf On The Shelf Babies To Make Your Christmas Decor Extra Creepy

You Can Now Get Elf On The Shelf Babies To Make Your Christmas Decor Extra Creepy

Your Elf on the Shelf can now be a mommy or daddy and have a family of their own with these cute baby Elves.

Photo Credits: My Magical Moments

It's almost that time of the year again when you can whip out the trusty baby disciplinarian and have your kids listen to you with almost no tantrums. It's Elf on The Shelf time of year!

This little helper, if you didn't already know, is Santa's scout who visits homes with kids to watch their every move and report to Santa so he can decide whether the kid goes on the "Nice" or "Naughty" list. 

Does that sound creepy? Sure, but the elf is just doing his job and helping parents by making sure their kids finish their chores, homework while also not making mommy and daddy run after them, lest Santa decides to put them on his Naughty list and fill their stockings with coal instead of presents. 



If this concept is losing its novelty in your household and your kids have started to wonder out loud if the Elf does not have a family of their own and how they could possibly miss spending the holiday season with their family and hang out at a stranger's house watching their children, then the people at My Magical Moments have the perfect thing to make the Elf on The Shelf tradition more wholesome. 



You can now make little Elf Families on the Shelf a tradition, with these adorable elf babies. The official Etsy page even has a backstory all ready for you to recycle to your kids, it reads:

"When a mummy and a daddy elf love each other very much, they write to My Magical Moments and we send a cute bundle of joy out." This baby package includes a cute little elf baby in red elf clothes with a change of clothes in four other colors, a small cot for the elf baby to sleep in, a high chair for the parent elf to feed their baby elf, a feeding bottle, pacifier, and a bib. You can go all the way with it. 



You can have the parent elves adopt as many kids as your imagination allows and have the whole elf family keep an eye on your kids. You can have them work in shifts or have them work together to keep your children in check and help Santa make an accurate list. 

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