This Artist Creates Hand-Sculpted Human Skulls And They're Hauntingly Beautiful

This Artist Creates Hand-Sculpted Human Skulls And They're Hauntingly Beautiful

Jack of the Dust transmutes death into life with his series of 'skullptures' and they are truly incredible.

Cover Image Credits: Jack Of The Dust / Instagram

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We are born from nature and after we die, we get back to nature. Death is often touted to be a macabre topic but there is a sense of peace and beauty in it. Maybe that's what inspired Australian artist Andrew Firth to come up with the idea of designing beautiful human skulls. Firth's company, known as Jack of the Dust, transmutes death into life with his series of 'skullptures' and honestly, they are so beautiful that we are having a hard time taking our eyes off of it. 


Every single skull is unique and modeled after a human skull. Firth creates a combination of the most recognizable characters from the skulls along with a touch of death and decay. Once you see the collection of skulls he has made, it looks like he has covered it all. His collection consists of pop culture figures such as Batman, Joker, Deadpool, and Voldemort among others. While there are also Bonsai skulls and cherry blossom skulls. 




In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said, "I absolutely loved maritime terminology so that’s where I found the name jack of the dust."


He continued, "I’ve been doing the skulls now for 3 years with absolutely no training. I actually didn’t like all the skulls that were out there, they looked tacky. And I wasn’t really into art. But what I do love doing is creating! As a kid is was Lego, then I grew up painting Warhammer figure then onto building boats and now skulls." 


The artist uses a premium European grad PVC plastic human anatomy skull to make it look like a human skull as much as possible. The skulls are not real (thank God), but they are as close to the real ones as it gets. There is no doubt that all the sculptures designed by the artist are visually stimulating and look absolutely majestic. Since Firth always manages to imbibe a hint of death and decay in his creations, the symbolism of the faux human remains is absolutely gorgeous.  These skulls made by Jack of the Dust not only makes us feel close to death but also helps us to see death in a very different way. From these creations, death breeds life in forms of gardens, crystals, and flowers to name a few. 


For pop-culture fans, there is a wide variety of collections to choose from and for people who love Game of Thrones, there is White Walker Skull and the Obsidian Dragon Glass Skull. Firth uses a human skull as a platform to attract our interest and converts death into something that symbolizes creation, growth, and simulation. His creations help us see death in a different light and maybe, just maybe, it is not a scary thing after all. 


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