You Can Now Visit A Gothic Mansion That Hosts Halloween-Themed Tours All Through October

You Can Now Visit A Gothic Mansion That Hosts Halloween-Themed Tours All Through October

Wonder House is actually a 10,000 square-foot mansion built in the 1920s and the architectural design is filled with eerie vibes, thus making it your perfect Halloween getaway.

With Halloween less than a month away, one can't help but get into all things spooky. With October almost here, we are sure you'd be looking out for places to celebrate Halloween. Well, guess what?

Your search for the spookiest yet fun place to visit might just come to an end, thanks to this gothic mansion that will be hosting Halloween-themed tours throughout October and it sounds like the real deal. 




If you enjoy all things goth, you have to check out this Wonder House in Central Florida that is actually a 10,000 square-foot mansion built in the 1920s. So you know, the architectural design is filled with eerie vibes. As reported by Narcity.




Located in 1075 E Mann Rd, Bartow, Florida, Wonder House is hosting a Halloween tour that will last for one whole hour in which you can be a part of spooktacular tours in the property that is filled with gothic-inspired elements.

"The Wonder House is located in Bartow, Florida- an hour from both Tampa and Orlando- and only 20 minutes south of Lakeland! The Wonder House is currently a full-time private residence opening up for historic tours on a limited basis," reads the official description of the goth mansion



"The Wonder House was built by Conrad Schuck, a visionary inventor, and builder originally from Pennsylvania. The house stands four stories tall, with an additional two stories underground. The Wonder House was made from Schuck’s own blend of concrete reinforced with steel and inlaid with glass and tile mosaics. The house featured many time-saving devices like delayed light switches, a laundry chute, and inventions including air conditioning in the 1920s!"



The owners of the Wonder House, Krislin Kreis and Drew Davis, take care of the entire tour and you will get to learn all about the story of the Wonder House and the ghostly tales associated with it.



The Halloween-themed tours is starting from Oct. 4 and will go on till Oct. 27. According to the official website, the tour will offer a historic tour around the Wonder House and the proceeds from it will be go for renovation of the house. Not every room has been completed so you might see some renovation work happening in the house.




The mammoth mansion has 24 rooms with four floors comprising of age-old furniture, intricate hand-laid mosaic floors and many other artifacts that are a dream come true for every goth fan. 

If you have been watching Netflix show 'Amazing Interiors', you would also have noticed this mansion in episode nine, featuring the renovation plan. Tickets start from $20 and you can check out more details here

Will you be going? Let us know! 

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