You Can Now Celebrate Halloween At An Underwater Aquarium With Sharks And Spooky Sea Creatures

You Can Now Celebrate Halloween At An Underwater Aquarium With Sharks And Spooky Sea Creatures

Immerse yourself in a spooky world of 20,000 aquatic animals and celebrate Halloween underwater like never before.

With Halloween just around the corner, we've all been rummaging through every part of the internet looking for that one place we can head out for our perfect Halloween getaway. 



Well, guess what! It's time to dust off all the Halloween costumes you had been keeping inside your closet and take them out for what might just be that epic Halloween party you'd been seeking for a while. 


As beautiful as underwater sounds, it is, in fact, one of the biggest fears for most people. You never know what is lurking in those deep waters. But imagine that fear and add a touch of Halloween to it?


It is indeed very scary but at the same time, can your Halloween ever be as cool as celebrating it underwater? Well, guess what? You now have the chance to celebrate Halloween in costume at this gorgeous underwater aquarium in Toronto. 


Toronto's Ripley Aquarium is finally bringing back its annual 19+ event that lets you celebrate Halloween along with sharks and other spooky sea creatures. 


The event called Dark Waters has all you need for your perfect Halloween getaway -- be it drinks, snacks, music and some epic Halloween costumes that are totally Instagram-worthy. As reported by Narcity


"Immerse yourself in a world of 20,000 aquatic animals and discover your own underwater adventure. The Aquarium features North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel with more than 5.7 million litres of water and over 100 interactive opportunities. Get up close and personal with several touch exhibits featuring horseshoe crabs, sharks, scarlet cleaner shrimp, and stingrays as well as daily dive shows every 2 hours," reads the official description of the aquarium


You can get your drink tickets for just $8, while food tickets will cost you $10. And witness the entire aquarium decked out with Halloween-themed decorations. Wait, that's not all, there will also be a live Halloween-themed dive show -- now that's what you call awesome!  


You can be a part of this incredible Halloween bash on Friday, October 25. It starts at 8 p.m and the party goes on till midnight. You can get your tickets for just $32 plus HST, and if you get an annual pass, you can save upto 50% on admission. However, there is a four-ticket limit on this savings offer. 



The report also said that the last Halloween party was so epic that people dressed up as Pennywise, Lady Gaga, Darth Vader, Edward Scissorhands and even rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. 


Although people can dress up in their Halloween costumes, sadly there is no competition. But let that not stop you from celebrating Halloween the way it should be -- glorious and spooky. 

Would you want to visit this underwater aquarium for Halloween? Let us know here. 


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