This Gorgeous Bar Lets You Enjoy Drinks Inside Rooftop Igloos All Christmas Long

This Gorgeous Bar Lets You Enjoy Drinks Inside Rooftop Igloos All Christmas Long

The hotel's bar has classic Christmas movies playing in the background to set the scene even more for a great experience.

The days leading up to Christmas and Halloween during their respective seasons are usually far from relaxed. There's a whole lotta shopping, decorating, inviting and whatnot to be done. It's hard to keep track of one's calendar, and we would do just about anything we can to not get overwhelmed during this time. However, the air of festivity and joy is going to make up for all that and there are still tons of things to do that will raise our spirits. 



If you are traveling to Nashville any time soon, you might want to consider heading to Bobby Hotel's rooftop bar to unwind for a great night of food and drinks. The place is magnificent and we definitely recommend a visit with your friends and family. Considering that it tends to get pretty cold during the nights, the bar has amazingly provided heated igloos on their rooftops. You can hang out in this cool thermal environment and enjoy your favorite drinks and food. It's pretty much your gang's own personal "igloo" except it's warm and you can get drunk. 






Bobby Hotel's rooftop bar is famous not just for regular wine and beer, but also for some fancy spiked hot chocolate, spiked hot apple cider, and spiked eggnog. These are Christmas classics with a touch of booze-induced into them which is just what we are looking for. Regarding the great food you can find there, there's a wide choice of meats, cheeses, and some amazing snack combos like short rib nachos or grilled man'oushe to taste. 


Of course, the igloos are not made of snow but they create an enclosed space on the rooftop to give you the feeling you're actually in one. Inside the igloo, you have tables, chairs, pillows, and an electric "wood-burning" stove to maximize your comfort. Furthermore, the lights surrounding the entire rooftop are nothing short of Christmassy magic! You and your friends (up to eight of them) can happily enjoy playing card games inside the igloo and the best part is that the bar has classic Christmas movies playing in the background. 



Bobby Hotel's rooftop bar is located at 230, 4th Ave. North and is surrounded by a great view of the Nashville skyline. They are open Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 10 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, they extend an hour late (from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Feel free to call 615-600-5400 for more details and to make a reservation, you can email [email protected] Note that the Igloo spaces are a first-come, first-served if you haven't made a reservation. If you did, then you will be required to order food and beverages for a minimum of $400. So be sure to travel in a large crew (although the bar does not recommend over 10 inside an Igloo) and enjoy your winter wonderland this Christmas. 


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