You Can Now Visit The World's Biggest 'Christmas Light Maze' For Just $20

You Can Now Visit The World's Biggest 'Christmas Light Maze' For Just $20

American organization Enchant Christmas turns three baseball stadiums into wintry wonderlands every year for some truly magical adventures.

The summer seems to have blown away with fall arriving in such short notice. Well, we don't want to delay reporting any good news even though Christmas maybe a few months away. Get ready for the largest Christmas light maze in the world, opening in Florida, DC, and Seattle this year! This wintry wonderland is simply too good to resist once you have even a glimpse of it. Let's take a closer look at it now, shall we!?


American Organization 'Enchant Christmas' has created three incredible mazes for this holiday season's festivities. One of them is in Washington. DC, another in Seattle and the third in St. Petersburg, Florida. All three are tied for the title of "World's Largest Christmas Light Maze". What they do each year is that they turn three baseball stadiums into a wild wintry fairytale for all to experience. The 'World's Largest Christmas Light Mazes' are accompanied by Markets that feature spectacular sculptures and a multitude of local vendors selling the choicest goods available. 


The description for the maze, which is called The Great Search, reads: When a mischievous little elf named Eddie accidentally sets Santa's reindeer free, it takes all of Tampa Bay to help find them inside the World's Largest Christmas Light Maze and Market. Enter a living storybook of larger-than-life light sculptures, a stunning ice skating trail, and decadent delights as snow gently fall all around you. A world of Christmas wonder awaits!


You can also go on an epic journey to find Santa's missing reindeer! And if that doesn't exhilarate you, there is an ice skating trail accompanied by falling snow machines, holiday carols and much more. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you will find snow even in the Florida maze! Guests can glide along the ice skating trail that is wonderfuly decorated with bright and colorful lights before hopping over to the Christmas Market where they would be greeted by no less than 40 local artisan vendors. 


Children also have a lot to partake in and enjoy here. There are tasks for your little ones where they would be on the hunt for escaped elves and reindeer inside the wide mazes. There are also plenty of toys, games, and crafts to pick up through the way. And, as previously mentioned, your favorite holiday carols and tunes will be playing all through the journey, feel free to sing your heart out! 


The mazes had been previously met with widespread acclaim in Florida and Seattle, with 2019 being the first year that the festivities arrive at the nation's capital. Enchant St. Petersburg will happen on Tropicana Field with the Seattle one taking place at the T-Mobile Park. 


Okay, your attention now please, time for the key details! Enchant will be happening from November 22nd all the way through December 29th in all three of the locations. You can purchase tickets online as they have just begun to go on sale. Adult ticket pricing for the entire journey would be starting at $19.99 with kids aged 14-17 starting at $16.99 and 4-13 at $14.99. All your toddlers under the age of 4 can enter for free! The ticket will you give you access to all the events, mazes, market, staking trail and more. There are also VIP tickets available that give you direct entry into events where you don't have to wait in lines, plus a special meal at a place overlooking thousands of sparkling lights. 




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