Woman Claims Drinking Her Dog Urine Cleared Her Acne: 'I Always Have This Natural Glow'

Woman Claims Drinking Her Dog Urine Cleared Her Acne: 'I Always Have This Natural Glow'

Following her last sip from the cup, the 21-year old says "And that is why I look so much better than y'all."

Bizarre stories are everywhere around us. Every other day we see articles on people doing crazy stuff that makes us go "Woah you did not just do that." And we are sorry to say this, but this is just yet another article that will add to your daily dose of "Seriously, what is wrong with people?" 




So here's the deal. A 21-year-old woman named Lynn Lew has now claimed that her dog's urine cleared her acne, cured her depression and also prevents cancer. And that's not the worst part. She has even filmed herself while drinking the dog's urine on Facebook, which has obviously gone viral now and honestly, we are not surprised. Not only has it left people disturbed but it has also brought in medical professionals strongly denouncing urine's medicinal use. As reported by Newsweek.



The video shows Lynn standing outside with her dog Micah, a pomeranian-husky mix. "People always ask me how I look so good, how my makeup always looks so perfect or how I always have this natural glow," she can be seen saying in the video. "Here's my secret."

And what does she do next? The dog pees into a cup that she had kept and then drinks the near-full cup. Following her last sip, she says "And that is why I look so much better than y'all. Before I did this, I literally wanted to kill myself. After doing this and after seeing all the results, I strongly believe that this is worth every speck of backlash I could receive from it," she said.




Lynn was always prepared for the backlash considering the act was very bizarre. However, she deems the positive effects of the dog urine outweighs everything else. Want to hear something more bizarre? If her dog doesn't manage to pee to fill the entire cup, she takes some from her neighbor's dog instead. "When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to do is take my dog out, take him for a walk, let him pee and drink my dog's pee in the morning," she said. 




She also justified saying that dog pee has Vitamin A and Vitamin E in it along with 10 grams of calcium, which she claims helps prevent cancer. "It's sad they're hiding that from people," she said. "You don't have to spend all this money on medical treatments."

However, following the viral video, many medical professionals have completely condemned this act saying that the dog urine contains toxins and acids which can be harmful to the health. "Think about it like drinking ocean water," nephrologist Jeff Giullian was quoted as saying by Popular Science. "It's going to dehydrate you and do significantly more harm than good."

So what do you think of this? Let us know. 

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