Colored Pencil Nails Are A Thing Now And Yes, You Can Actually Color With Them

Colored Pencil Nails Are A Thing Now And Yes, You Can Actually Color With Them

Inspired by Crayola, if you love art a little too much, you can now try this extremely crafty look and be like Edward Pencil-Fingers.

Has it ever happened to you that you were writing something down or say coloring something and then boom! Your pen or your pencil color magically disappeared into thin air, nowhere to be seen? Does your pen disappear every time you have to write something down and take a message?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then hear me out. A nail artist, who I'm guessing just got tired of carrying a pencil around because they are so heavy, has come up with the idea of having actual pencil colors for nails and it is just 50 shades of weird.



But hey, at least it is creative right? Maybe even useful? Art lovers are loving the design famous nail artist and Instagrammer Nail Sunny created and so willing to try it out! The artist is famous for creating all sorts of bizarre nail styles and the latest pencil color thing is just one of her weird designs.

"How is that even possible?" Well, in order to become Edward Pencil-Fingers, all you have to do is, 1. Grow your nails really long 2. Paint them like a basic pencil color 3. Take a perfectly good pack of pencil colors and take their leads out 4. Finally, take super glue and stick the leads on your nails. Voila!



Check out some of the other weird nail designs which are trending and have created a major buzz!

1. Scorpion nails



2. Donuts and cakes



3. Roll a dice



4. Ready for Halloween



5. Fur Nails



6. Teeth with braces?



7. This is ART



8. Umm, no. Thanks.



9. Craz



As far as other beauty related trends are concerned, people are now coloring their armpits a shade of rainbow instead of shaving them off. From major celebrities to beauty brands, everybody is all about body positivity these days and the same has inspired people to give up shaving their unwanted hair for the better.

Switching razors for colors, people are now accepting their body hair instead of getting rid of them and dyeing it in shades of the rainbow.



Started by a beauty vlogger Rainbow Girl on Youtube, the trend picked up slowly but is now creating a major buzz on social media. Once considered 'ugly' and 'undesirable', people are now celebrating how nature made them with pride and I think it is beautiful.

The unicorn armpit hair lovers are growing rapidly and multiple people are going ahead and dyeing their body hair in vibrant rainbow colors.



In fact, the practice is becoming so popular that beauty parlors and salons are now offering armpit hair coloring services! Maria Darling, who runs a famous Nail Studio in Austin Texas has revealed that she has been getting a LOT of rainbow pit business lately.

"We offer armpit bleaching and dying. Some clients just like to have the armpit hair lightened so they can keep it without shaving and it's not so obvious. Others like to celebrate with bright colors! It's popular for a special event or festival," she told Elite Daily adding that the service costs about $35. Do you want to try? Go ahead and join the colorful madness!


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