This Creepy Video Of 'Teletubbies' In Black And White Looks Like An Occult Horror Show

This Creepy Video Of 'Teletubbies' In Black And White Looks Like An Occult Horror Show

The footage shows the Teletubbies in black and white, combined with the song 'Atmosphere' by Joy Divison.

Teletubbies was a cartoon that nearly everyone saw in earnest or glimpsed upon at least once in their lives. It was truly a strange yet adorable cartoon where you have 4 Teletubbies dancing and playing underneath the sun with the boy's face on it. However, not too long ago, we saw a photo of Teletubbies in black and white go viral on the internet. Just one look at the photo is enough to make you thank the stars that the show was made after color TV was introduced.

Image Credit: YouTube / Christopher G Brown


It's truly a creepy sight and you will realize that the colors play a huge role in the show being an adorable children's cartoon. In black and white, it looks very sinister and freaky, just like an occult horror movie. Now while that wouldn't actually be a bad idea for an actual horror film or show, having it run as a children's feature would be appalling. There were many pages on the internet that said that this scary video  "looks like a murdering cult,” or “the most metal album cover of 2015,” while music magazine ‘Vanyaland’ compared the creepy Teletubbies to the eerie Joy Division video for their song ‘Atmosphere.’ 



That was the trigger for the creative netizens as, within a matter of hours, a new video appeared. The video showed the Teletubbies in black and white, combined with the song 'Atmosphere'. The original theme song 'Time For Teletubbies Bye Bye' suddenly gets a whole new meaning when viewed under the black and white setting. The Anton Corbijn-directed video for “Atmosphere” was released in 1988 to coincide with the band’s Substance compilation, depicting figures in black hoods and white burial shrouds.



How many other sweet and innocent children's show turns dark and sinister when you remove colors from them? Well after viewing this shocker, we won't be surprised if there are many. Those four previously cute Teletubbies are now the four weird and strange-looking alien figures out to kill you. Combine that with some doom music and you have the perfect horror concoction. The Teletubbies, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po are seen frolicking on hills in slow motion, as the song "Atmosphere" by Joy Division plays in the background. 



Not surprisingly enough, the response the video got was expected. "Teletubbies in black and white are demons that will haunt your dreams," @cheezburger tweeted. "Teletubbies in color scare the piss out of me now," @anna_adara wrote. You will be truly horrified once you see how accurate these comments are, and you just can't look away. "Slow down the audio for instant and effective nightmare fuel." said user  @anamphigory. "Don't see color or gender. View people as amorphous blobs. A world full of gray Teletubbies...which would be terrifying. Ok this got weird." wrote user @bharatunnithan.



However, looking on the bright side of things, we can now look for more colored shows which appear seemingly normal but turn into horror delights in black and white!  

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