It's Official: '90s Slasher Classic 'Urban Legend' Is Getting A Reboot

It's Official: '90s Slasher Classic 'Urban Legend' Is Getting A Reboot

The reboot will bring a modern twist to 'Urban Legend' and it will take inspiration from the darkest corners of social media.

When Urban Legend released in 1998, it might not have been that successful in the box office, but as time passed, the movie went on to become an underground hit with horror fanatics. The hit slasher horror flick had Jared Leto, Tara Redi, Loretta Devine, and Joshua Jackson portraying the roles of typical American college students attending a remote New England University. As expected, things don't remain quiet and peaceful at all and the students start being picked off one by one in a series of murders based on various urban legends.



The original movie was directed by Jamie Blanks and it was set on the campus of Pendleton University. Regarded as one of the upper-class private schools in New England, the plot revolves around the students in Professor Wexler's folklore class and the students find the subjects they are studying becoming a little too real in their lives. Upon its release, the movie was trashed by critics, but it has formed a cult following. 


As reported by Deadline, Colin Minihan has been tapped in to direct the reboot. The movie is also set to introduce a new slasher for the digital age. Nothing much is known about the plot details, but what we do know is that the reboot is going to focus on a group of college students, but the cast is going to be diverse this time. The reboot will also bring a modern twist to the urban legends and it will take inspiration from the darkest corners of social media.


Right now, we don't know if the reboot is going to have any connection with the original movie, but it won't matter if the reboot takes a new approach as the Urban Legend franchise centers around new characters in a new location each film. Basically, it is a series of standalone stories. It will be definitely interesting to see who all will be cast in this upcoming reboot. One of the main reasons why Urban Legend is still remembered today is because of the performance delivered by Jared Leto, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid, Rebecca Gayheart, Alicia Witt, Michael Rosenbaum, Robert Englund, and Danielle Harris. 



Alicia Witt played lead character Natalie in the original movie. She tried to warn everyone that there was a killer walking freely among everyone on the campus, but of course, no one believed her until it was too late and half of her friends met very gruesome ends. Movies like Happy Death Day and Truth Or Dare were a few modern horrors that saw massive success, so the production is hoping to give the reboot a modernized slasher theme. Minihan is already pretty popular among the horror circle, having directed movies like What Keeps You Alive' and 'Extraterrestrial' and he is all set to introduce a new spin on the classic slasher that will cater to the digital age. 

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