Unicorn Armpit Hair Is The Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend And People Are Loving It

Unicorn Armpit Hair Is The Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend And People Are Loving It

The latest body positive trend has people accepting their body-hair and coloring them like rainbow instead of shaving them off.

The most colorful trend of 2019 is officially here and for the first time in a while, this one is actually receiving positive reviews. From major celebrities to beauty brands, everybody is all about body positivity these days and the same has inspired people to give up shaving their unwanted hair for the better.

Switching razors for colors, people are now accepting their body hair instead of getting rid of them and dyeing it in shades of the rainbow.



Started by a beauty vlogger Rainbow Girl on Youtube, the trend picked up slowly but is now creating a major buzz on social media. Once considered 'ugly' and 'undesirable', people are now celebrating how nature made them with pride and I think it is beautiful.

The unicorn armpit hair lovers are growing rapidly and multiple people are going ahead and dyeing their body hair in vibrant rainbow colors.



In fact, the practice is becoming so popular that beauty parlors and salons are now offering armpit hair coloring services! Maria Darling, who runs a famous Nail Studio in Austin Texas has revealed that she has been getting a LOT of rainbow pit business lately.

"We offer armpit bleaching and dying. Some clients just like to have the armpit hair lightened so they can keep it without shaving and it's not so obvious. Others like to celebrate with bright colors! It's popular for a special event or festival," she told Elite Daily adding that the service costs about $35. Do you want to try? Go ahead and join the colorful madness!



If you like, you can do them at home as well. All you need is some skin safe bleach (can skip it if you are naturally blonde), hair dye, and lots of armpit hair. Apply some bleach on your pit hair and wait till the hair color fades away.

Then, apply the hair color and stay in one position with your arms up and WAIT till the color sets in and then rinse it off. Would be better if you take somebody's help in coloring if you are aiming for a specific pattern.



Another viral trend which is totally bizarre but still receiving mixed reactions from the public is 'moon brows' - which is exactly what the name suggests - eyebrows shaped like a moon. The viral trend has people drawing on or sticking fake eyelashes to the side of their eye, making the brow appear like a moon beside the eye.

Started as a photoshopped idea by 20-year-old Stephan James, who runs a modeling agency called Skyz Agency, the trend quickly caught up as people are in love with the look.



"Thats is soooo perfffff omg I want to try it out" commented a person on James' business account. "My fav brow trend❤❤❤❤" added another. Did you like the look? In case you did, you can achieve it by sticking fake eyelashes or drawing them on. Weird flex but okay.

But, there are lots of hate comments, too, and the creator released a statement for them, "[The brows have] had a crazy mixed reaction, some people love it and some hate it. I just created the edits for fun but it’s insane to see the nasty comments from people who are against it. It’s all about creativity for me. I guess closed minded people don’t really like to see change. However, we’re living in a new era and being creative and thinking outside the box is probably one of the best thing." Which look will you be trying out?


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