WWE Star Undertaker Is Campaigning To Save The Tigers And Wants Your Help, Too

WWE Star Undertaker Is Campaigning To Save The Tigers And Wants Your Help, Too

The WWE Superstar and his wife Michelle McCool have released a PSA where they have urged people to save the tigers.

The Undertaker has come out of his in-ring character where he showed off his softer side and visited a South Carolina tiger sanctuary. 'The Deadman' posted a picture of himself and wife Michelle McCool playing with the big cats. As reported by CBR.

McCool posted the pictures on Instagram and captioned the picture writing "Best [email protected] & @docantle at @myrtlebeachsafaritours have the most incredible experience ever! It’s a bucket list item that I’d suggest to the world! @rarespeciesfund is doing amazing work to help save these tigers! Blessed to have learned more about these incredible creatures!"


Mark William Calaway, aka The Undertaker, also made a public service announcement, where he and his wife informed the viewers about the dangers faced by the tiger population. As you may already know, tigers are threatened with extinction and in the post, they are asking for all the support they can get. It is absolutely heartwarming to see two lovely WWE veterans focus on some lesser-focused charity organization. Right now, it is absolutely crucial that we protect our planet and the valuable resources it has left, including these tigers. Now those who have watched Undertaker wrestle in a ring, it is a common question to crop up in the mind if the tiger felt a little intimidated next to The Phenom. Even though it sounds unbelievable, the massive feline looks small beside him. 


The 45-second video is going viral on social media as it is uncommon for people to see The Undertaker campaigning for a charity organization. When you look at his social media, it is clear that Mark Calloway is coming through more. He created a Twitter account in 2018, but he has been using that now more and more. 



Recently, he even broke his strong appearance when he shamed WWE for forgetting Michelle McCool in their gallery of WWE women in history. Apart from helping Tiger Charity association, Undertaker and his wife were also a part of Veteran’s Day last year, where the couple visited the Marines in Quantico, Virginia. It's absolutely lovely to see Michelle and Mark be involved with so much of charity work. Given the fame and respect they hold in the wrestling world,  they can pull a lot of attention to countless charities. The situation is also a win-win as the increased exposure is certainly good for both Mark and Michelle on social media. 



But this doesn't mean that we won't get to see Undertaker anymore. As a matter of fact, he is set to take on AJ Styles in the upcoming WrestleMania if everything goes planned. AJ Styles has also mentioned Undertaker's personal life and his real name during promos, which makes this competition even more personal. The promo features both Styles and Undertaker and it does not surprise us at all that people are so involved and invested in this match. 








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