Two Grizzly Bears Viciously Brawl In The Middle Of A Highway As A Wolf Casually Observes From Afar

Two Grizzly Bears Viciously Brawl In The Middle Of A Highway As A Wolf Casually Observes From Afar

A viral video showed a vicious battle between two ferocious Grizzly bears on a Canadian Street with a lone wolf watching the conflict quietly from a safe distance.

In a rare piece of footage captured in the British Columbia wilderness, two giant Grizzly bears were found engaging in a vicious duel with each other.


The video was taken by traveler Cari McGillivray just outside the district municipality of Stewart, BC, that's right off the Canadian-Alaskan border. The precise location was somewhere on the Stewart-Cassiar highway, which leads through the British Columbia wilderness connecting Alaska with the lower 48.

It showed the two giant beasts growling at each other for a while, trying to intimidate and incite fear in each other. The bears then stand on their hind legs and begin pushing each other, like two angry men engaging in a drunken brawl. 


The incident took place just at the edge of the highway, with the bears starting to growl loudly in each other's faces as they locked on each other with their giant paws and swung at each other's necks. The situation did not seem to calm down between the two as they began to use their teeth and sharp claws to attack each other.

Around 45 seconds into the video, we notice a cool witness in the background. A lone wolf standing far down the road observing the fight, without making a sound or any quick movements. The bears don't seem to notice the wolf as they continued to wrestle each other away from the streets and into the bushes nearby. 


“This was by far one of my favorite wildlife encounters I have ever had!!” exclaims Cari McGillivray, the woman who captured the video, in the comments. While the cause of the 'dispute' between the bears is still unknown, it is rather surprising as Grizzly bears don't usually engage in such heated encounters with each other.

McGillivray, who posted the video on Facebook on September 20th, has garnered more than 4 million views in less than a week. She even points out the additional spectator in the background. “Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance!” she wrote. The wolf appears with about 13 seconds left on the video — it looks a bit like a person stumbling across a bar fight that’s spilled into the street.


There are around 25,000 grizzlies in Canada of which 15,000 inhabit British Columbia. The other 10,000 grizzlies live in the Rocky Mountains of western Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, southwestern Nunavut, and northern Manitoba. Wolves can also be found in less settled parts of Canada, from Labrador to British Columbia, in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

As for Bear attacks on humans,  they can be extremely rare, though there are thousands of human-bear encounters every year. Yet, only a very few results in personal injury.


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