You Can Now Bring Scary Sea Creatures To Your Yard And Turn It Into A Tropical Nightmare

You Can Now Bring Scary Sea Creatures To Your Yard And Turn It Into A Tropical Nightmare

Up your decoration game this Halloween and bring home some creepy yet insanely cool tropical decor.

As Halloween is nearing, everybody is trying to get their hands on the best damn scary decor out there. How do you make YOUR setup look unique and stand out from the rest? Worry not, we're here to help. Sure there need to be items from classics like Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus but how about something different for this hallows eve?

2019 has been all about tropical vibes and summer trends so far and we are seeing some crazy good Halloween items at stores inspired by that as well. Take a look at some of them below:

1. Mermaid Skeleton

(Oriental Trading)


See, mermaids have always fascinated humankind but obviously, a real 3D giant mermaid skeleton is so much better than Disney's representation and Oriental Trading gets it!

You ever wonder what a mermaid skeleton would look like? No? Well, we did! Many have tried to emulate this beauty, but there is nothing like the original! Add this mermaid skeleton to a spooky Halloween scene! A great addition to your Halloween decorations, you can add it to your porch display or spook your Halloween party guests inside! It's large, so go all out with your setting — we're talking oceanic details here, people! Buy it here for $ 69.99 and become the talk of the town.

2. Kraken tentacles

(Grandin Road)


Name one thing creepier than random tentacles popping out of nowhere, we'll wait! Grandin Road is now selling huge Kraken tentacles which can turn your yard into the stuff of nightmares. About $170, the tentacles look weirdly realistic and can make anyone scream.

'From the murky depths of the flower bed or beneath the maple tree, position what you can see of our Yard Sea Monster to delight your trick-or-treaters and party guests, his giant, slinking arm sculpted with detailed suckers. This beast is crafted in three pieces from durable, 100% resin to withstand outdoor conditions; he comes with optional stakes for securing into the soil, or place him flat along a walkway-even indoors. Buy several sets for an even more terrifying Halloween outdoor decor scene,' reads the seller's description.

3. Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern


In case you are one of those who don't like dirtying their hands and carve pumpkins themselves, you can now go ahead and get yourself ready-made pineapple jack-o-lantern.

Made of ceramic, HomeGoods is now selling cute AF carved pineapples and they only cost $10. They are about 11 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The trendy jack-o-lanterns are battery operated and can light up in the dark, looking like an actual carved out pineapple and we are in love with the idea. Find a store near you and buy yourself one! Or, you can simply carve one out yourself, whatever you like!

4. Seashell Pumpkin



HANDMADE by an Etsy seller called ThePaintedStarfish, this pumpkin is hands down the most gorgeous pumpkin we have ever seen! $55, this is one decor item which will definitely make your guests envious.

Bring a little coastal flare to the fall season! This adorable pumpkin is covered in seashells, topped off with a Starfish and a raffia bow! Perfect for any Fall decor!' You can buy it here.

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