'Train To Busan' Sequel Is Getting a U.S. Theatrical Release, Here's All We Know So Far

'Train To Busan' Sequel Is Getting a U.S. Theatrical Release, Here's All We Know So Far

The story is said to revolve around the survivors of the outbreak in events that take place 4 years after the original.

The Train To Busan sequel has been getting hyped for a while, but now we have our hands on the confirmation, and it's called Peninsula. Korean distributor NEW said on Friday that the movie is going to be released sometime in 2020. Few plot details were handed out, but nothing too revealing yet. The story is speculated to pick off right where the original movie ended, Movie Web reports. 



Peninsula will be similar to the first movie, released back in 2016, as far as the setting is concerned. Yeon Sang-ho, who directed the first film, will reprise his role for the sequel too. According to him, the sequel will take place four years after the zombie outbreak shown in the first movie laid havoc to the Korean Peninsula, hence the title. The story is said to revolve around the survivors of the outbreak and the lead stars are confirmed as Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun.



Actor Gong Yoo, the star of the first movie, played a father who killed himself after getting bitten by a zombie to protect his daughter. The original 2016 release is generally touted to be one of the most successful zombie flicks from South Korea and East Asia at large. The movie was viewed by over 11.5 million theatergoers on August 7, two weeks after it was released on July 20, and has been a box office hit ever since. It is the first Korean movie of 2016 to surpass the 10 million viewers mark. Gong Yoo had previously stated, “Even imagining reaching 10 million is terrifying. I would be happy with five million. Even five million would be my highest score ever.”



The Star noted that Peninsula will also be getting a U.S release with two posters already out for the same. It shows the Korean peninsula four years after the zombie outbreak. Well, you can be sure that it's going to be one bleak situation over there. The nights are dark and the wreckage of the world that once was is remembered on a lonely moonlit night. There are a few zombies, ever-present, feasting on the corpses they just maimed. If they were looking to get people interested, the distributors did a good job. 



The other poster is as well made with the rising sun giving light to witness a horde of approaching zombies. Actors Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun stand firm and focussed to face them from a nearby bus.



Along with the poster art, the studio released a note on their website with the message: "trailer coming soon". Things are getting better... we can't be far away from the release now. Director Yeon Sang-ho has affirmed that though Peninsula is taking place in the same world as Train to Busan, this one will center around other characters and will not exactly pick up from the same instances the previous movie left off. 

While we're ready for pretty much anything, it would be a welcome sight to unveil the origin of the zombie outbreak in the sequel. The upcoming movie could also do well to wrap up the character storylines from the previous movie that were shrouded in mystery. Let's hope to see an equally brilliant narrative arc and a possibility of linking the characters from the first movie to the sequel.


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