Horror Fans Can Now Virtually Tour Dracula's Castle In Transylvania While At Home

Horror Fans Can Now Virtually Tour Dracula's Castle In Transylvania While At Home

Google is now offering a virtual tour of the Bran Castle, said to be the main inspiration behind Dracula's hovering castle.

Let's face it, being stuck in isolation is one of the worst pains inflicted upon us. We can't step out of the house as we run the risk of being told off by the police, or worse, get infected by the horrendous Coronavirus that has already infected over 1.35 million people across the world. So, the next best thing for us all to do is to learn to get comfortable spending time at home away from all the social contact to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.




This presents us with a great opportunity, however,  and we bring to you this interesting virtual tour you can take of possibly one of the most significant places in literary history -- called the Bran Castle. For those who aren't aware of this place or what it signifies, let us tell you what it is. You must all have heard of the Vampire king Vlad Dracula and how he would float away to a place of his fancy in his humongous castle? Well, where do you think Bram Stoker, writer of the famous novel Dracula, got the idea for the castle from? It's this very fortress that inspired him.




Located in Bran, Romania, this castle looks eerily similar to every movie or series' depiction of the legendary vampire, Count Dracula's secret lair, and it definitely looks to us like a place where vampires may have lived, reports Dread Central. Another tidbit to know here is that the castle has very little to do with the actually Vlad Dracula Tepes, or Vlad The Impaler, the actual ruler from the 15th century. The point we're making is, you can now take a virtual tour of this famed castle from the comfort of your home and perhaps better understand the lore. Yes, thanks to Google, people across the world can roam the corridors of this terrifying place from their couch. You can find the tour here.


This is one of the many virtual tour stories we have reported on just to help the horror fans observing social distancing feel more productive. A couple of weeks ago, we had brought you the story of the Winchester Mystery House and how the place is now offering a similar virtual tour. "All though we are currently closed to the public, we welcome our guests to experience the Winchester Mystery House from the comfort of your home. Please enjoy this free Video Access Tour of the Winchester Mystery House now until April 7th, 2020. Scroll down to watch! Postpone, don’t cancel!" the official Instagram page of the ill-fated house stated. Another was this tour of the Paris Catacombs, which is known for being the final resting place of over 6 million people where you can still see real human skulls garnishing the walls of the corridor. Yet another tour is the one where you can roam Chernobyl, in Pripyat city, the ghost town which was home to the worst nuclear station meltdown ever known to humankind.


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