It's Showtime: A Tim Burton Themed Ball Festival Is Coming This October

It's Showtime: A Tim Burton Themed Ball Festival Is Coming This October

A gathering of all the super fans of Burton, a special spooky ball festival is heading our way this October.

All the Tim Burton lovers, listen up! In case you ever wished you could party with like minds, now you can! A Tim Burton themed super festival is coming this October and it has everything you can possibly imagine.

The grand San Antonio Burton ball, one of the biggest events dedicated to the horror mastermind, is making a comeback this year,  better than ever. There will be music, there will be food, there will be people dressed as characters from Tim Burton movies! A paradise for lovers of horror.

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The Tim Burton ball event will kick off this October 5th and run till the next day. Tickets for the same are now available. 'The longest running Burton themed event in San Antonio is returning this October. For nearly a decade now, we annually celebrate all things TIM BURTON and have watched our spooky little party morph into one of the most highly anticipated events of the season. Best of all, we always keep this downtown in the heart of San Antonio and this year, we've found a location big enough to bring the entire Ball indoors again with the perfect ambience and a staff who is working with us to bring back the family feel we had during our Korova years,' reads the event details.



There will also be a lot of added entertainment including a costume contest which will give the winner a cash amount of $100 in the under 18 category and $200 for ages above. Some artists and vendors for the event have also been announced and Eddy Rios (Taco Boy Designs), Cassandra Dunn Art, Captain Lestrange - Gerardo "Todd" VĂ©rtiz, Adrian De La Cruz, Marcus Cardenas Rocco Cartoonist, Caitlyn Thomas, Reena Vela, Jeremy Shearer, Jess Adorables, DeadStar Creations, The Legging Lass - Jamie Richter, Just4Shiggles, Cyndi's Buttons, Digital Art Tree, 2 Kats' Meow, and Corpse Dolls are all going to be there.



The ball will be divided into two halves - a kid-friendly version and the adult one. 'Children 4 & under will be free from 6pm-9pm as that is the family oriented portion of the event with the children's costume contest taking place during that time. We will also bring back our coloring contest at the event for kids 13 & under may enter to win prizes and ALL entries will receive a free gift! The adult portion of the party kicks off at 9pm as we have some fun events and entertainment in the works for the rest of the night along with our costume contest at 11pm!'



Sounds good? You can get your tickets for the spooky bash here and they start from only $5 an go up till $40. Later in October,  a Tim Burton exhibition is coming to the US after a span of more than10 years. The massive exhibit will kick off this 15th of October in Las Vegas and display new and old works by the horror legend.

From October, the event will carry on till February so you know, you have plenty of time to make travel arrangements. The tickets are upon sale and you can get them here.


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