Tim Allen Shows Off His Iconic 'Santa Clause' Beard To Celebrate Christmas Season

Tim Allen Shows Off His Iconic 'Santa Clause' Beard To Celebrate Christmas Season

The actor appeared in a 1994 movie, 'The Santa Clause,' where he donned the role of a reluctant Santa Claus after he pushed the real one off the roof.

Christmas is almost here, and Tim Allen is channeling his Christmas spirit as he shared a selfie of his beard taking us back to his popular Santa Clause movies reports EW. Allen took to Twitter to share a picture where it looked like he was reminiscing his transformation into Kris Kringle, a character he played in his movie The Santa Clause. He captioned the picture writing: Woke up this morning and noticed a bit more stubble. This always happens to me as I transition to you no who this Christmas.


It appears that Allen's impressive beard is a recent development. The actor previously shared a clean-faced selfie along with his Home Improvement co-star, Richard Karn, as they filmed their new reality series, Assembly Required.  Allen starred in the 1994 Christmas movie, The Santa Clause, about a busy businessman who accidentally knocks off the real Santa Claus from the roof of his house. 


Due to the absence of the real Santa Claus, and much to his surprise, Allen's character, Scott Calvin, slowly starts morphing into Santa himself. He develops a big, protruding belly, a head full of white hair, and a long beard. He tries his best to shave it off and get back to his original look but he continues to look exactly like Santa Claus. After visiting the North Pole, a group of elves explains to him that he has become the new Santa. After a lot of schooling from elves and initial hesitation from his side, he takes up the role for good and becomes the new Santa Claus. The rest of the movie follows Calvin agreeing to do all the work during the holiday season. 



The synopsis of the movie reads: "By helping Santa Claus with a Christmas crisis, Scott unknowingly agrees to become the next Santa Claus. Now, he has to deal with a suspicious former wife while trying to keep his secret safe." Allen appeared in three movies of The Santa Clause franchise. The first movie spawned two more sequels, The Santa Clause 2 that premiered in 2002, and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause which released in 2006. 






Additionally, Allen starred in two more holiday films, Christmas with the Kranks in 2004 and El Camino Christmas in 2017. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Allen shared that the script was originally much darker. He said, "The original Santa Clause is a little darker, written by two comedians, and I actually shot and killed Santa, in the original movie. And he fell off the roof, because I thought he was a burglar. And he gives me the card, and the whole movie starts. And the kid goes, 'You just killed Santa.' And I said, 'He shouldn’t have been on the roof when he wasn’t invited.''


Apart from Allen's new look, fans are also looking forward to seeing the star in the final season of the Fox comedy Last Man Standing. In October, the network announced that season 9 would be the final one. Allen released a statement, saying: "I’ve been one lucky dude to have been part of ‘Last Man Standing. I so appreciate the incredible support from our fans over this near decade of work. As we approach the ninth season, I just admire and feel grateful for all the hard work our wonderful cast and crew have done. We had all considered to end the show after last season but, together with FOX, we decided to add a year so we could produce a full season to create the gentle and fun goodbye. I'm looking forward to a memorable and hilarious final season."

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