You Can Now Donate Your Old Christmas Tree To Feed A Rescue Elephant

You Can Now Donate Your Old Christmas Tree To Feed A Rescue Elephant

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee accepts your used Christmas trees to feed the elephants that add more variety to their diet.

Photo Courtesy: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Facebook

With Christmas right around the corner, the most important tradition that defines the festive season has to be picking out a Christmas tree and decorating it with family. The fresh smell of pine that fills the house and the twinkling lights on the tree is what the holiday is all about. The thought of disposing off the tree is the only thing that can bring the Christmas spirit down, but you don't have to worry about that anymore.



You can now donate your Christmas trees to feed elephants! Instead of sending your tree off to be shredded, you can now drop it off for the elephants at "The Elephant Sanctuary". Located in Tennessee, it aims to provide home, herd, rest, refuge, and individualized care for the elephants. “The purpose of this program is to not only provide the elephants with more variety to their diet but to also allow the public to donate and connect to the elephants,” said Lead Caregiver Kristy E., who helped to spearhead the program.


Elephants are known to have a big appetite and their diet mainly comprises of grass, plants, bushes, fruits, tree bark, and roots. So your Christmas tree will help the Sanctuary elephants meet their daily ration of 150 pounds of food which comes up to approximately four to seven percent of their body weight. Donations can be made between December 26 to January 6 during the Annual Christmas Tree Drive that the Sanctuary conducts. 



This program was started in 2016 and has been a success. Kristy E in a statement released on their website said, "We have seen great success with the Christmas Tree program the last two years thanks to our generous local supporters. The donated trees provide enrichment for the elephants also allow the public to participate in eco-friendly practices by keeping less waste from entering our landfills."


They have been getting support from both individuals as well as corporates. You can drop off your used trees at "The Sanctuary’s Elephant Discovery Center." Make sure to remove all the decorations carefully before dropping off the trees and ensure they are completely tinsel-free.  They do not accept trees with paint or dye. You can learn more about the elephants through "Elecams."


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