This Tiny Island Has Its Own Personal Cloud And It Looks Truly Gorgeous

This Tiny Island Has Its Own Personal Cloud And It Looks Truly Gorgeous

This lenticular cloud hangs above the island that makes it look like a fluffy white cupcake.

Nature is beautiful and there is always a surprising new discovery at every turn. We may never get to see the end of nature's wonders and the more we see the more we are left in awe. Hopefully, once the pandemic is kept under control, one place that you will love to visit is the Faroe Islands which are a group of 18 self-governing islands that are a part of Denmark. Among the 18 islands is a special little one. In fact, it's the smallest island in the archipelago and is called Lítla Dímun. The phenomenon on this islet is something pictures will not do justice and you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.



Lítla Dímun is one of the few places on Earth that remain free from the human population. Instead, the inhibitors of the island are sheep. But there's also another regular to the island. The island has its very own cloud. Even though the island is small, Atlas Obscura reports that it still has the power to influence the atmosphere. This personal cloud hangs above the island like a fluffy white cupcake. It is in the shape of a lens and spreads across the small island.  The "lenticular" cloud is said to form when moist air flows over a protruding geological feature, like a mountain top, explained Mental Floss.

When the wind moving up the mountain hits the air current directly above it, a sort of wave is created on the leeward side of the mountain. The moist air falling down this wave evaporates and then condenses. This is how the huge flying-saucer-like cloud forms on the mountain peak.



"Lenticular clouds are different from other clouds because they don’t move," Jesse Ferrell, a meteorologist from AccuWeather explained. "They are continually reformed over the same location by new air rising up and over a mountain, condensing and producing the clouds." Owing to their shape, their ominous, stationary nature, many people have mistaken these clouds for UFOs. These clouds are not exclusive to mountainous regions alone though. Although not as common, these clouds can also be formed over flat terrain due to sheer winds created by a front. 



Lítla Dímun's cloud is usually perched on top of the island but sometimes it can spill over and drape itself around the island like a vapoury blanket of moisture. And even though no humans live here, it doesn't mean they do not visit. Most of the visitors comprise farmers and shepherds who make the precarious trip to the island to check on the sheep. Originally, the island was home to a group of feral sheep likely dating back to the Neolithic era. Unfortunately, they were hunted to extinction in the 19th century. Now the island has been introduced to domesticated sheep. The farmers visit the island once a year to round up their flocks of sheep.



The only signs of human life are the ropes used by these shepherds to climb to and from the island to get their sheep. The trek though is not an easy task and even seasoned rock climbers may face trouble. The journey to the island is also equally dangerous and can only be done when the sea is calm. 


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