Husband Turns Michael Myers For Halloween, Scares Everyone In Neighborhood Including His Wife

Husband Turns Michael Myers For Halloween, Scares Everyone In Neighborhood Including His Wife

This husband from Indiana took his love for Michael Myers and Halloween a little too far and people are loving it.

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There are plenty of people who love Halloween a little too much, but this man from Indiana took it a bit too far, according to his wife. Sabrina and Evan Zimmerman are like any other couple we know, and they love spending quality time together.



But when Halloween is around the corner, things start getting a bit intense between the couple. If we say that Evan is a huge fan of Halloween, it is a huge understatement. 


According to his wife, as soon as Spooktober rolls in, her husband gets the Michael Myers costume out and let's say, everything goes out of hand. During Halloween time, Evan will casually wear his 'Halloween' costume and take a stroll around his neighborhood.

He will ride a bicycle with a faux skeleton baby in the back. If you think this is creepy enough, Evan also likes to stand below speed lights and stares blankly forward, getting into the spirit of Halloween. 



In a recent Facebook post that has gone viral, Sabrina can be seen driving around her neighborhood and she sees 'Michael Myers' is riding his bike with a baby skeleton. In a conversation with Today, Sabrina said, "There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks. He creeps people out more than anybody.”


The viral Facebook video has around 5 million views and for a good reason. After seeing her husband in such an odd costume, Sabrina can be heard asking, "What the hell are you doing? Are we those people now?”

Evan is seen completely ignoring Sabrina's question and continues cycling. He barely gives her a look and then takes off in a different direction. 


Sabrina later decides to put up the video on social media and it went instantly viral with around 159,000 shares. Evan said, "I've been doing this costume since 2012, but this is the first year she recorded me."

Evan is a father of three children and he serves in the US Air Force. He also added that Decatur police should ignore any phone calls related to Michael Myers. 


Evan added, "I’ll stand in random people's yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there. I carry a fake butcher knife.” But, the Halloween lover also added that up until now, he has never been threatened. Evan quipped, "I had a situation last week, where a guy said he was going to shoot me." 


He said that even though he loves his pranks, he does not pull any of these pranks on elderly people but he has no problem scaring children. Evan said, "A lot of the children want their picture with me. Not all of them, but a majority do. I get a lot of requests from parents wanting me to scare their kids.” 


When it comes to his wife, Evan said that sometimes his antics make her wife worried. He said, "She always talks about how I give her anxiety. But in reality, she loves that I do this.” 

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