You Can Now Sleep Next To Lions And Tigers At This Incredible Safari Lodge

You Can Now Sleep Next To Lions And Tigers At This Incredible Safari Lodge

Lion Lodge at Port Lympne Hotel has come up with a very unusual tourist attraction where guests can take a bath beside a pride of lions.

Seems like the Brits took the safari experience up by a notch. This one of a kind lodge in Kent offers its guests a rare chance to bathe next to the Pride of Lions. The Lion Lodge, at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve in Kent, gives guests the chance to sleep, cook and even take a bath along around a pride of lions who live just inches away from the guest, reported The Sun. 



The lodge is first of its kind in the world and it is absolutely magnificent. Built with huge picture windows in both the master bedroom and the living room, the guests who are brave enough to stay over in the lodge are too close to the beasts that roam around freely just a few feet away. 




The lodge is built in loft-style fashion and it also comes with a giant fireplace and wood-heated Scandinavian outdoor baths. The master suite is built in a manner that will make you feel regal yourself.

The suite gives an amazing view of the lions, named  - Adras, Oudrika, and their three super-cute babies. Both the floors in the building are connected by a spiral staircase that leads up to a mezzanine level with two single beds.




The lodge also comes with a stocked bar, and the six-foot show-stopping chandelier just enhances the beauty of the entire place. The outside of the lodge is also a very open a beautiful place and it comes with an open terrace and private balconies. But staying in this lodge isn't cheap. The price for an overnight stay starts from £1,750 and it includes breakfast, a bottle of bubbly on arrival, complimentary safari, and entrance to Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve as well as Howletts Wild Animal Park.



But if you feel that this is a little steeper for your budget, then you can check into Tiger Lodge that costs £1,000 a night, the Wolf Lodge is £549 and the Bear Lodge costs £350. Also, if you do your bookings before November 29, then you can get up to 50 percent off selected stays until the end of this year.

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