The 'World's Most Haunted House' Is In Connecticut And It Has A Truly Terrifying Past

The 'World's Most Haunted House' Is In Connecticut And It Has A Truly Terrifying Past

Even the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren had visited the spooky house in Bridgeport.

The Amityville House is one of the most popular cases of haunting in history. But did you know there is another haunted house, possibly more haunted than the Amityville House that does not get the attention it deserves? Back in 1974, the same house was the center of a media frenzy that captivated the country, and nobody ever talks about it. By the time you finish reading this article, you–like the many witnesses in 1974–will wonder what is reality and what is not. Let's read what happened inside this tiny house in the middle of the block on Lindley Street, Bridgeport. 



Long before ghost-hunters and thrill enthusiasts entered the abandoned factories and warehouses in Bridgeport, thousands of people came together in the city to witness an absolutely baffling paranormal event. In 1974, the Bridgeport Telegram (currently known as Connecticut Post) published a story where they said when the police and fire authorities entered a house in Lindley Street home, they witnessed a lot of 'unexplainable occurrences' like furniture moving on its own, sudden cold spots and many other. The story, after being published, quickly gained national attention. 




What set this supposed haunting apart was that it wasn't just one person or family, but city officials, who are used to scenes of crime and fire describing rattling furniture and a small girl being thrown against the wall. As the story started spreading like wildfire, many people from all over the country gathered in front of small one-story, four-room house, trying to catch a glimpse of this supernatural phenomenon. Some other supernatural events other than rattling furniture and poltergeist activity included talking animals and strange noises. Before it could be properly investigated, a Bridgeport police superintendent called the incident a hoax, and the hype surrounding the house died down. 



Now, almost half a century later, author William J. Hall released a book titled "The World's Most Haunted House", The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street." Hall has previously worked as a professional magician and said he was a skeptic like most people. However, his perception changed when he dug deep and found the old newspaper articles, audio interviews of first responders and city records. During an event at Bridgeport Public Library for a book event, he told the crowd, "There were over 100 witnesses. This is one of the most witnessed hauntings in history."



Hall presented the same documents to retell the story of the Goodin family in order to prove some mettle to the haunting and he also wanted to dispel the myth surrounding the incident. The story originated in 1960 when Gerald and Laura Goodin purchased the home on Lindley Street. The couple's only son died at the age of 6 after suffering from cerebral palsy. Later on, the family went forward to adopt a girl named Marcia and everything fell apart as soon as the girl entered their home. Over time, the incidents became so worse that the family ended up calling the police and Clergy to investigate and bless the home. 



Famous paranormal investigators, Ed, and Lorraine Warren visited the home and they said that it was one of the most famous well-documented poltergeist cases in history," according to a 1995 Connecticut Post article. John Kenyhercz, a resident of Bridgeport said he knows two cousins of Gerald Goodin. He added, "They told me a lot of weird things would happen in that house. he atmosphere in the house was bad."

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