Nursing Home Opens Its Doors To Kids For Trick-Or-Treat On Halloween, Gets 5,000 Visitors

Nursing Home Opens Its Doors To Kids For Trick-Or-Treat On Halloween, Gets 5,000 Visitors

Heartis Senior Living in Texas celebrated Halloween in the most beautiful way one can ever celebrate our favorite holiday.

It doesn't really matter how old or young you are when Halloween is around the corner, each and every one of us gets in that festive spirit. And who doesn't love Halloween?

Every nook and corner of the streets are filled with happy trick-or-treaters and even the adults get a chance to dress up as their favorite character without any fear of judgment. But, a retirement home is not the first place that comes to our mind when we think about trick-or-treaters.


But, as it turns out to be, the elderly people who are living in nursing homes feel pretty lonely. Hence they cannot wait for kids to come up and ask for candy.

Recently, one nursing home in Webster, Texas took to Facebook and asked the people for candies so that they can give it out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Not only did thousands of people donate candy, but a huge group of people also came over to celebrate All Hallows Eve together with the elderly, leaving them ecstatic.


Heartis Senior Living in Webster, Texas took to Facebook on October 10, where they shared a post, asking patrons to send in some candy. Their post read, "t’s that time of year again! Our residents at Heartis Clear Lake are reaching out to our local community to ask for help to make their Halloween wishes come true. We want to collect enough candy to host all of the kids in our surrounding neighborhood on Halloween. If you want to help our residents host a huge event for the neighborhood kids for a safe and fun evening, drop off a bag of candy at Heartis Clear Lake!"


The whole event was planned so that the staff can help the elderly residents feel happy and included as the festive season began. After a few hours, their post went viral and they were overwhelmed by the kind of response they received.

They further added, "Wow! Thank you to all of our neighbors for taking a moment to donate candy to our residents! Just look at all of the candy! Our residents are excited and we can’t wait to host a community trick or treat event for our neighborhood kids!"


All of the attendees had a lot of candies to chomp on, but now they needed to spread the word so that the residents could give away some of the candies they wanted to give to the children.

They added, "We asked and YOU delivered! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Now, we are asking for your help to spread the word! We need a trick or treaters! Please bring your children, grandchildren, and their friends to Heartis Clear Lake at 14520 Hwy 3, Webster, TX 77598 on October 31st between 6-8 pm for a night of fun! We will have a moonwalk, hayride, games, food and lots of candy! 🎃Come one! Come all!"


Never did they imagine the kind of response they would receive. There were a huge number of visitors in the retirement home and needless to say, not a single person left the place without a smile on their faces.

They concluded their post saying, "Thank you to everyone! We had such a good time. We counted over 5,000 people! This was truly exceptional experience!" 

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