This Darth Vader Grill Will Bring Your Summer BBQ To The Dark Side

This Darth Vader Grill Will Bring Your Summer BBQ To The Dark Side

You will love how this Star Wars grill actually doubles as a fire pit.

The frightfully cold winters and snowstorms are now over and we finally have warm and sunny days ahead. You may already be planning all the amazing outdoor activities that you couldn't do last summer due to the pandemic. Well, it so happens that cooking dinner on the grill is something that we absolutely love to do. If you are like us then we've found the perfect grill for you to do the same. Check out the Star Wars Darth Vader grill that looks like it was designed straight of George Lucas' very own creative brain, Delish reports. 



This Dark Side-themed grill is made by a brand called Burned by Design LTD. This company specializes in custom wood burners and sell their products on Etsy. That's where we came across this epic Darth Vader outdoor grill and knew we just had to have it. According to the shop, it can actually be used either as a wood burner or as a BBQ grill. That means you don't even have to be all that hungry to fire it up and watch it burn in all its sith-y glory. "At Burned by Design we create custom themed wood burners based on characters from pop cult classics from the world of entertainment. Our burners are perfect for brightening any outdoor space and can be personalized for that special touch making it the ultimate gift. We are always developing new designs so please get in touch with your design ideas," the company writes on their website. 



Each of these Darth Vader grills on Etsy is made to order in the United Kingdom. So if you were to ship it overseas, do expect it to take a month or so to be ready. Each one is available for $725.56, which is rather pricey, but it's totally worth it as it's handmade with class and makes for amazing conversation pieces in your backyard. The grill measures around 17.3 by 17.3 by 30.7 inches. The entire design comes with three chrome-plated swivel racks. You can easily make use of ordinary charcoal to heal the grill which makes the eyes and mouthparts of the mask light up. It's the perfect excuse to throw a Star Wars-themed party and it will make fans of the epic space opera go absolutely nuts.



The grill was so popular that it got sold out and we are still waiting for the restock. Keep an eye out on the Etsy page and other online sources for the same. You can cross-check the grill you find to the brand's name (Burned by Design) so there are no confusions there. The company is quite active in its design work and has a lot more products for you to check out on their website. "Whether you're a Sci-Fi fan or Hard Rock or Metal fan, we have the burner for you. Each of our outdoor wood burners or indoor bioethanol burners is hand-built and steel fabricated with great attention to detail. We are more than happy to take on custom build projects and help take your design ideas through to completion," the brand adds.  


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