This Haunted Clown Motel Next To A Cemetery Is America’s Scariest Place To Stay

This Haunted Clown Motel Next To A Cemetery Is America’s Scariest Place To Stay

The motel has some specific rooms dedicated to horror films like It, Friday the 13th, and Halloween.

Although there might be a lot of reasons why one should come to Nevada, horror lovers can now experience a real adrenaline rush at a motel located about three hours away from Las Vegas, in the very small town of Tonopah. Situated near the Old Tonopah Cemetery, the Clown Motel has been known as “America’s Scariest Motel.” According to a report by KLAS, Bob Perchetti built the establishment in the late 1990s after retiring from a state tourism job. He owned this creepy motel for over 20 years. 




During these two decades, he and his business partner decorated the entire place with family clowns. He said, "He had a house full of clowns, and he decided to bring the clowns up and put them to work." In 2017, the motel was put up for sale and it caught the attention of Hame Anand, who shared a similar love for clowns. In an interview with Thrillist, the motel’s new owner revealed that his brother was initially hesitant about buying the place mainly because it was right next to a graveyard. But Anand decided to buy the place in the end. 




He said, "All my life I worked in advertising. So I know that even if you had $10 million you’re not going to get that kind of publicity. I told my brother, ‘See, this motel is very popular and the graveyard — that’s the catch.'” While there is no doubt that Perchetti laid the foundation, the motel became notorious after Anand added 200 extra clown figurines to the already existing clowns that came with the property. 




He said, "I was scared a little bit. I couldn’t sleep in my room. But, one day, I thought, ‘Why did I come here? There must be some divine power. They want me here to run this motel. So probably, they are not going to mess with me.'” According to Anand, there have been many times when he has heard inexplicable noises in empty rooms. Guests have also reportedly heard or seen strange things in rooms 108, 109, 210, 215, and 217 in particular.




In one incident, a group of women even claimed that they had seen a ghost who had offered to fix the bathroom. Keeping the paranormal activities aside, the creepy clown motel is well-known among people all over the world. He said, "This was how I knew that they were telling me, ‘We are here, but don’t worry about that." The motel also has some rooms dedicated to specific horror films like It, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. 




Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Would you like to spend a night in this creepy clown motel? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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