You Can Now Get An Incredible Christmas Tree That Puts Itself Up This Holiday Season

You Can Now Get An Incredible Christmas Tree That Puts Itself Up This Holiday Season

This magical Christmas tree can set itself up at the press of a button and it is a great holiday decor to woo your guests.

The days leading up to Christmas are nothing short of hectic. If the one thing you dread more than picking out the perfect gifts for everyone without overdrawing your bank account is actually setting up the Christmas tree, there is now a tree that can put itself up.

The Grow & Stow Christmas Tree is a blessing that will make sure there's one less thing on your holiday to-do list.



If going out to get a Christmas tree sounds like a hassle, this tree is the perfect alternative. The tree can be wheeled into the most convenient location and locked in position, and only needs an initial set-up where you will have to attach the upper half of the tree to the lower part.

This is the only effort you have to put into setting up the tree. It has a remote control and with a press of a button, the tree slowly expands and stretches into fullness. It reaches an adjustable height ranging from 7' to 9'.



The tree comes pre-lit and includes 850 dual-color LED lights with seven functions. You can have fun with the lighting by changing the settings. The lights can be monochromatic for a simple, understated aesthetic or it can be changed to multi-color for a more fun look.

You even have an option to make the lights fade, have it steady, and even alternate it. 

The Home Depot


This robot-like tree can be purchased from Costco for $600. It may seem like a steep price to pay but it practically pays for itself with all the stress it is sure to save you.

It even looks like it could be a real tree, unlike some artificial trees. Moreover, once Christmas passes, the dread of having to disassemble the tree need not bother you since this tree can easily be rolled up and stored in the bag it came in till Christmas next year and many more Christmasses to follow. 

You can even get a similar tree on Home Depot for $559. This tree also has an adjustable height and "the branches move into place to fill and shape into a classic tree silhouette," reads the description. 

The Home Depot


It can be set-up in less than five minutes and you can use the time you have saved with the family watching re-runs of your favorite Christmas movies while snuggled on the couch sipping hot chocolate. 

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