Harpy Eagles Are So Massive And Scary, Many Think It's A Person Wearing A Costume

Harpy Eagles Are So Massive And Scary, Many Think It's A Person Wearing A Costume

These majestic birds striking features are its almost human-like expressions and its large talons that are bigger than Grizzly bears.

 Nature never ceases to amaze us. Meet the Harpy eagle. This majestic bird species was named after the mythical creature Harpy – a half-human, half-bird person. It's remarkable feature, and what makes it stand out from the other eagles, is its impressive size, a crown of raised grey feathers, piercing eyes, unique face, and black-and-grey feather collar. 




Known to be the world's largest most powerful raptors in the world, they are primarily found in the tropical rainforests. These eagles can measure up to 3 feet high, with a wingspan of up to 7 feet, which is, funnily enough, shorter than other eagles. The male birds can weigh up to 12 pounds, while females are heavier, at about 20 pounds even. Due to their peculiar face and expression, these birds are also often confused with a man wearing a costume. Some people have even gone to the extent of saying that the bird looks remarkably like Buckbeak from the Harry Potter franchise. 


Last year, some pictures of this majestic creature went viral on social media platforms where people put pictures with captions that basically made them feel confused if its actually a bird or a person wearing a costume. Check out this Reddit post for example.  Bastrat stated: It looks like a person dressed as an eagle in a kid’s video from the 80s/90s Wee Sing series. Not spiderman let their imagination run riot, noting: Imagine running into one of those fuckers at night with just a torch or something for light. No wonder demon lore exists lol. However, iHeartApples had a different opinion, saying: It's face has a lot of similarities with some early human civilization masks. If I ran into that in the dark I would 100% believe it was a god.

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And this Twitter post



Seeing this, one person wrote: $5 says it has wish granting magic and the secret to an ancient prophecy. Another one added: Looks like one of those prehistoric Terror Birds from the Cenozoic Era!" Even on Facebook, people were talking about this bird. 


The natural habitat of these birds is generally the upper canopy of tropical lowland forests, and they are mostly found in Mexico,  Brazil, and northern Argentina. Harpy eagles are regarded as birds of prey and they are of two kinds: The American and the Papuan type. Because of their powerful talons, these birds are at the top of the food chain and animals like sloths, snakes, tree porcupines, and monkeys fall their prey. These birds are also brilliant hunters and can fly up to 50 miles per hour. They are also known to conserve their energy instead of soaring altitudes. Instead, they sit on a lookout for hours and wait for their prey to appear. 


However, in recent years, these birds losing their habitation because of deforestation, and are considered to be a rare sight in Latin America. They are monogamous birds to give birth to only one eaglet every two years, so even if there is a small decline in their population, the results can be disastrous. By threating the existence of these birds, it can also create an imbalance of the ecosystem as these birds keep the Capuchin Monkey population in check without which a whole species of birds would vanish. 













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