This Artist Turns Our Favorite Horror Icons Into Snowmen And Christmas Just Got Spookier

This Artist Turns Our Favorite Horror Icons Into Snowmen And Christmas Just Got Spookier

If you are one of those people who love their Christmas to be spooky, then you should definitely check out this artist who turns horror icons into snowmen.

Photo Image Credits:  Nikita Veprikov

Even though Christmas is just a few days ahead of us, it looks like this holiday season might have just gotten a little spooky. Ukranian artist-illustrator Nikita Veprikov has taken mounds of virtual snow and crafted a trio of terrifying snowmen for one of her clients who wanted characters from Silence of the Lambs, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the Saw franchise.


There is absolutely no doubt that these are three nightmarish villains from three iconic movies who still manage to scare us even now and turning them into snowmen will definitely make for a bloody and spooky Christmas.



In an interview with SYFY WIRE, Veprikov said, "This was used for billboards to advertise fuel that works well in low temperatures. The client came up with the concept: to draw snowmen that depicts cold weather and combine them with famous horror characters to scare drivers. The slogan used along with illustrations was "Has frost started to frighten you?"




He added, "Client mentioned which characters from horrors he liked and I came up with the designs that were sorted out and improved on the stage of sketches. Making designs I just adapted key features of each movie character to the snowmen bodies."

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something less creepy this holiday season, you check out these Snowman Christmas trees. 


If you are among those who have that unexplainable love for a snowman but hate the fact that they melt so soon, then we bring you the Snowman Christmas Trees that will be just perfect for the occasion.

The snowman Christmas trees have become a trend and are so popular that you can already see many putting up the trees even before Christmas started.


Not only do you get to build your own Christmas tree, but you also get to build a fresh and new one by getting a faux white tree or taking your green one and turning it into a snowman by getting the necessary supplies from the store.

Don't fret if you are feeling a little confused about how to turn your Christmas tree into a Snowman as blogger Michelle McKinley, who also appears on Crafty Morning, has a very easy tutorial and a few videos on her website. 


One of her tutorials includes how to decorate the Snowman Christmas tree using red ribbon, twigs, and a decorative mesh ribbon. And if you want to give your beloved tree that extra age, the blogger also suggested decorating the Snowman Christmas tree further with boots and a top hat.  

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