These Valentine's Day Trees Are Perfect For Those Who Are Still Not Over Christmas

These Valentine's Day Trees Are Perfect For Those Who Are Still Not Over Christmas

This trend sees people decorating their trees with pink, white, and red ornaments celebrating the festival of love

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Some people love Christmas so much, they try just about anything to prolong the good times including leaving trees up well into January. But you could leave your tree up for another month to celebrate Valentine's. A trend called Valentine's Day trees has people repurposing their Christmas trees and decorating them in pink and red to celebrate the festival of love. According to BHG,  Google Trends has noted that "searches for ‘valentine trees’ are up 88% over the last few years, and a quick scroll through Instagram confirms that people are actually putting up pink and red Valentine’s Day trees. There are more than 1,700 Instagram posts tagged #valentinetree, and another 1,100 posts tagged #valentinesdaytree."



So instead of putting away your tree, you can seek inspiration from these Instagram posts and create your very own Valentine's Day Tree with a medley of pink, white, and red colors.  






Transforming a classically-decorated Christmas tree and making it suitable for Valentine's is pretty simple. All you need to do is take off the holiday ornaments like Santas, snowflakes, and baubles with festive messages on them, and add something that embraces the spirit of Valentine. For starters, you can add hearts of various shapes and sizes, or add bows, and cupid figurines to deck up your tree. You can also pick love arrow signs from Michaels for $7.  Alternately, you can buy these gorgeous mini wood-shaped signs with love messages that are available on Etsy for $9.





However, if you are used to decorating a live Christmas tree, you can buy a faux Valentine's Day in pink or white that can be used for other festive occasions. For $20, you can get an 18-inch white tree from Lee Display Seasonals on Etsy, which is small enough to not take up a load of your time when decorating. As for the tree toppers, you can go ahead with a nice festive looking bow, heart, or even roses. To make your tree even classier, get yourself a tree color in silver. But if you are short on time, and want to get your decorations in one shot, then Amazon is your best bet. 

Here are some pictures of gorgeous-looking Valentine's Day Trees to get your creative juices flowing.















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