You Can Get These Gorgeous Jack Skellington Lights For Your Halloween Decor

You Can Get These Gorgeous Jack Skellington Lights For Your Halloween Decor

These Jack Skellington lights are perfect for any occasion like Halloween or Christmas and a must-have for all Nightmare Before Christmas fans.

Halloween is still a few months away, but if you are anything like me then you would like to celebrate the spooky festival all year long. In case you were planning to throw the best Halloween party in your neighborhood, then we have a new decoration that will blow your mind away. Now you can get this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington String Lights from Hot Topic and they look absolutely fantastic. Inspired by the Tim Burton classic, these Jack Skellington string lights are a major need for all the fans. 

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Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is one such movie that never gets old and if you are a die-hard fan like me, then you absolutely need to have it in your collection. The lights are priced at $24.90 and it features Jack's iconic skull face that is coupled with Santa beard and a hat. The lights are about 3ft long and they can be used both outdoors and indoors. The product description reads, "Is this Halloween... or Christmas? Get festive for both holidays with this set of string lights from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The set features Jack Skellington's head with Santa's hat and beard, or simply, Sandy Claws."

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If it sounds like something you want to own, then go to Hot Topic right now and get one for yourself. In case you are looking for some other Halloween decorations that will spruce up your party, then check out these items. 

1. Skull Baubles



Even though we still have to wait a few months to celebrate Halloween, but these fantastic skull baubles are a perfect addition to your Halloween party. The handmade product is perfect for the spooky tradition as it looks covered in blood. It might not be the blood of your enemies, but it looks like the closest thing possible. Also, if you are hanging these blood-red baubles outdoors, think about the number of kids you will terrify. 

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Wreaths



Generally, we see wreaths during Christmas and funerals. But now, there is a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wreath available that will bring out the Halloween aesthetic in your house even more. Decorated with baubles, resin pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs, black and orange twine, felt ghosts, and black and purple roses, these wreaths will go perfectly with your goth decoration. 

3. Black And White Candy Canes



Halloween is incomplete without candies. So what if we told you that you can avoid the glittery and colorful wrapped candies and get these black and white candies canes to hand out to your guests which will definitely take them by surprise. Just because candy tastes sweet, it doesn't mean they have to look that way too. 

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