These Bonsai Skulls Weave Life And Death Together And They're Hauntingly Beautiful

These Bonsai Skulls Weave Life And Death Together And They're Hauntingly Beautiful

These skull-based artpieces are so terrifying and beautiful, they are sure to floor you the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Creativity and imagination work in mysterious ways -- bringing elements we never knew could exist together in an awe-inducing manner. In this instance, we are talking about bonsai and skulls. Let's be honest, this sounds like a wannabe witch's childish dream but truth be told, the macabre combination makes way for a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic.  Called Grave Yard Bonsai Mountain Skulls, these uncanny Bonsai skulls created by an Australian company, Jack Of The Dust is capturing people's imagination by the dozens. It isn't a mere spectacle either. Inspired by the Latin phrase "Memento Mori" which translated to "Remember that you can die", this artistic render is a visual representation of our mortality and its aftermath where human remains become one with nature.






The handcrafted pieces are cast using PVC plastic which is in turn molded from a real human skull. "While I try to minimize the variants from piece to piece, it's a natural part of the handmade process, no two skulls will ever be the same," says Andrew Firth, the brains behind the idea. "The way I create my artwork is the exact same way that movie props are made! First, a sculpture is hand sculpted and molded in an old school way, and from that, we create a strong and durable cast that can stand the test of time." The process requires meticulous attention to detail and several hours of non-stop commitment and so it's bound to be a tad bit heavier on your pockets -- $349 apiece to be exact. In terms of the dimensions, the skulls have a depth of 7.9 inches, a width of 5.5 inches, and a height of 8.7 inches on average.



It's not just Bonsai the company specializes in. In fact, they have a myriad design on offer, all of which use skulls to build the artwork around. For instance, you can find a blooming cherry garden and even a miniature graveyard scene. You can also find pieces inspired by several popular characters from mainstream movies including Darth Vader from the Star Wars series, Yondu from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, Spiderman, Venom, Batman, Groot, and many, many more. The theme behind the artwork is a representation of death and they force us to acknowledge the obvious fact we are all oblivious to -- that our days are numbered. But, that's not all. Firth also created a piece that has a waterfall emerging out of an eyesocket while a bonsai garden is underneath - in a depiction he likes to call "the circle of life".










The company also uses gold dust, cherry blossoms, and amethyst crystals to design and decorate the skulls and the results are beautifully macabre. If you're looking to add a touch of morbid art to your interior decor collection, you can visit their website and take a look at their extensive collection.








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