These Dark Cakes Are Perfect For Your Goth Wedding And They're Spookily Delicious

These Dark Cakes Are Perfect For Your Goth Wedding And They're Spookily Delicious

These beautiful dark cakes look so elegant, you won't be able to take your eyes off them.

Cover Images Credits: Instagram/ Becky Bakes Cakes, howsooniscake, and miriamcakes82

Selecting a cake for the wedding is one of the most important tasks to perform. As you know, wearing white is the traditional and common choice for a lot of brides. But it doesn’t mean you have to adhere to tradition if your heart desires something else. While there are definitely some brides who choose to adhere to customs and rituals, other brides chose to think outside the box. 


This is exactly where the wedding cake comes into play. Nowadays, brides are becoming more and more interested in the unorthodox approach in cake designs. Rather than sticking to the conventional white cakes, an increasing number of would-be brides are ditching the conventional norm and picking out black wedding cakes as an homage to their goth and witchy selves. Even though black is often seen as an unusual color choice for weddings, these brides have proven that even black can go perfectly with a wedding. 











At present, it is safe to say that the cake industry is going through some sort of revolution. Cakes are no longer just the sweet desserts anymore but they’re also specially designed to catch the eye. Baking a cake is an art as seen from the flower cake that looks like a bouquet or a bunch of succulent plants that nobody guessed, was a cake. Apart from that, there are marble mirror cake and the space-themed cake. It goes without saying that the pastry chefs are now fully flexing their artistic skills and have finally come out of their comfort zone. 





While on the topic of specially-designed cakes, allow us to tell you about this absolutely realistic severed head cake. This couple designed their wedding cake to like their dismembered heads and people were shocked at the reception. Texas newlyweds David and Natalie Sideserf gave a totally new meaning to the phrase "Till death do us part" with their cake at the reception. Natalie, who owns Austin bakery Sideserf Cake Studio, crafted the cakes herself.

Sideserf Cakes


In a conversation with ABC, Natalie said, "I didn't tell anybody about it, so it made it really interesting to see people’s reactions. Everybody was shocked and loved it. My grandma did look twice, but in the end, she said she appreciated the detail and how realistic it was." 

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