You Can Now Get Beautiful Ombre Christmas Trees And Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor

You Can Now Get Beautiful Ombre Christmas Trees And Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor

People are now putting up ombre Christmas trees this holiday season giving traditional green o a miss.

There are some Christmas traditions that are worth preserving, but others can be a little compromised. But there is one Yuletide custom that has been around since time immemorial.



There is no denying that we all are suckers for the freshly-cut Christmas trees which we decorate with strings of lights and shiny baubles, but we can also appreciate those modern-minded holiday lovers who opt for faux trees, especially now that there are so many available in every color to coordinate with your contemporary aesthetic.


For example, take this elegant ombré tree for instance, which is now on sale at craft superstore Michaels. This absolutely beautiful chic pink tree will perfectly complement your living rooms. Not to say, they will also add an extra dose of fun, but its slim profile ensures that it fits just as well in a streamlined apartment that is dominated by geometry.


What's even better is that the tree is flame-retardant and arrives at your door pre-lit with 347 malleable tips that go from pink to champagne to white. It can be adjusted to fit everything.

The best part, at the end of the season, the tree goes into a box or tree bag for storage until next year and you don't even have to pick up the pine needles after the holiday season is over. 



It is a 6ft Alexa artificial Christmas tree comes with 347 branch tips and 150 clear incandescent lights. Sadly, you cannot buy Michaels ombre tree from the store but you can get it online.




The tree comes with a five-year warranty and the lights come with a two-year warranty. One of the customer reviews reads, "Beautiful tree! It’s kind of peachy pink at the bottom and fades to an antique silver with gold undertones. Can’t wait to put it up again this year!”


Another one added, "My tree is beautiful, it has a very slight lean to it, but it’s possible that it is from my floor or ability to put the tree together. And it's not super pink, but it is still a gorgeous tree with ornaments and light on it really shines and glows. Looks very fancy for the great price (got mine 60 percent off). It is a slim tree but has a nice height.”


You will also be very happy to know that this six-foot millennial pink ombre tree from Michaels is only $64.99 and it comes already wrapped in twinkle lights. You can get it here.

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