These Gorgeous Blue Java Bananas Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

These Gorgeous Blue Java Bananas Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Grant Campbell, a food enthusiast, tried one of these magical blue bananas and said the taste was ‘phenomenal’.

It seems like there is a unique type of banana you might have never seen. Not only is this type of banana blue but it also tastes like vanilla ice cream. I know! Pretty amazing, right?

The bananas, named Blue Java bananas come from South East Asia and have become popular in continents like Northern Australia, Hawaii, Central America, and Fiji. This ice cream banana is also known as Cenizo and Hawaiian banana.



The delicious bananas grow primarily in South Asia and can survive some of the most extreme environments. This fruit grows at temperatures below freezing point, but usually, requires a minimum of 4.4°C to grow in the best quality.

You can actually grow your own ice cream flavored bananas, even if you don't stay in South Asia. You just need to make sure that that the area where your plant gets enough sunlight & rain. 




These plants can grow up to 20 feet, hence, make sure that there is enough space for the tree to grow if you're planting one. The plant needs to be watered daily and they need to be fertilized. Not only are these bananas tasty, but they are also high in potassium and have a multitude of minerals in it that makes it a very nutritious breakfast option.




It works great if you are trying to lose weight and would make delicious low-fat ice-cream. The nutrient quotient is also very high and is composed of 0.3g of fat, 22.8g of carbs and 89 calories for every 100 grams.




Even the leaves of the fruits are useful. They can be used in place of aluminum foil since the leaves can be polarized with water. As reported by Intelligent Living, Raw food enthusiast Grant Campbell tried one of these bananas and he said the taste was ‘phenomenal’. Campbell also reported that while the fruit might look terrible on the surface, he promises that they taste wonderful. 



He said, "Party in my mouth. So good. Unbelievable. “ Another fan of the fruit, LadyFlora said, "The texture is much better, and it’s sweeter too. This is a really good banana.” In fact, she said that after trying, she immediately planted a tree in her garden. 

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