Someone Put A Jason Voorhees Statue At The Bottom Of A Lake To Scare Divers

Someone Put A Jason Voorhees Statue At The Bottom Of A Lake To Scare Divers

While this creepy statue was definitely not put in Camp Crystal Lake, it terrified divers who stumbled upon it in a local Minnesota lake.

Throughout the history of slasher cinema, we have seen a lot of villains come and go, but only a few have been able to come close to the terrifying Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th. There is absolutely no denying that this character is the stuff of nightmares and he almost had the supernatural ability to survive any situation. He is a horror icon for a reason and personally, no other horror movie villain can match up to him. 



If you have watched the movies as carefully as I have, then you know that the image of Jason being chained up underwater is one of the most iconic scenes of Friday the 13th. While this scene can never be duplicated, one artist did try. Back in 2013, Doug Klein built and Curtis Lahr installed a statue of Jason Voorhees underwater at a popular diving site in Crosby, Minnesota, in an old iron pit, reported Bloody Disgusting. While this statue was definitely not put in Camp Crystal Lake, the old iron ore pit is still a pretty spooky place to install a statue of a terrifying fictional serial killer. 



The description of the video reads, "A Jason Voorhees statue built and planted in the Louise mine pit in Crosby MN. Planted in 2013. The statue was built and planted by my good friend and dive buddy, Doug. Don't bother looking for him unless you're an experienced diver! It's very cold (38F year-round) and dark. It's not worth risking injury or death to see him! Very easy to find if you know the pit. Swim straight out from the access to the training platform, continue past it staying to the right and follow the drop-off ledge, on the way you should see a snowmobile, and eventually a sailboat with a dingy behind it will show up on your left."



He added, "Your computer should say about 60 feet. From there, keep on the drop-off ledge and you'll see Marissa the mermaid chained to a large diameter pipe. Follow the pipe down and you'll see Jason. Can't remember the exact depth, I think the bottom is 120 feet, but Jason is floating above the bottom a bit — maybe 110 feet or so. It's very cold (38F year-round) and dark, you'll need a light."




The statue has definitely come as a surprise. One person wrote, "There's a legend round here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake. A death curse. Jason Voorhees's curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can. People forget he's down there...waiting." Another one commented, "I am severely afraid of large bodies of water. Moving slowly in the unknowing dark. Unless it’s crystal clear like the Caribbean, I can’t do it. Number 1 fear. Also, being in water next to large objects in said water. Even if it’s something I am aware of such as a boat. The phobia has a name. I just can’t find it." 




It is placed about 120 feet under the water and since its a popular diving spot for scuba divers, it was only a matter of time since someone noticed it. The statue comes with a complete machete and a hockey mask. You need to take one look at the statue to feel that Jason will be beginning his creative murder spree all over again once he somehow leans to escape the deep lake. The original video was uploaded to YouTube in 2014 by Lahr but started going viral in 2018.

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