Dallas Is Hosting A 3-Day Horror Festival This Year, So Get Your Halloween Costume Ready

Dallas Is Hosting A 3-Day Horror Festival This Year, So Get Your Halloween Costume Ready

The three-day horror fest organized in May will feature a reunion of cast members from 'E.T.' and 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.'

The Texas Frightmare Weekend is coming to Dallas and it means that you can dress up as your favorite horror movie stars while meeting a few iconic stars from horror movies as well. Unlike any other genre, horror has pushed the envelope of filmmaking more than any other. If you want to know the secret of what brings horror classics to life, ranging from hair, makeup, and the CGI animations, don't miss the Texas Frightmare Weekend. The three-day horror festival will be graced by some of the top horror film directors, actors, and artists, according to Narcity. 



The festival will be held over the weekend, starting on May 1, Friday, and ending on May 3, Sunday. The Hyatt Regency Hotel on Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, will host the event that's got horror aficionados excited. A large ballroom at the hotel will be used to set up some of the horror booths that are sure to pique the interest of horror movie lovers. There will also be wild cosplay artists from famous horror movies. The Texas Frightmare Weekend edition being held in May will feature a reunion of actors from Steven Spielberg classic E.T. and from Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Previous editions of the horror festival have seen some iconic horror actors turn up, including 'Norman Bates.' Freddie Highmore, who played Norman Bates from the horror TV series Bates Motel. The 2017 edition also featured appearances from Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange); legendary Italian director Dario Argento (Suspiria); the cast of Netflix series Stranger Things including Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Mark Steger. Danny Lloyd, the child actor from The Shining, also made an appearance, according to Dreadcentral.


It might be May but why should it stop you from pulling out your favorite Halloween costume. Tickets for the festival cost $30-$60 including one-day passes, full-weekend passes, and a bundle-weekend pass for groups of 4. The Texas Frightmare Weekend gives you the rare opportunity of dressing up as your horror icons as you meet some of them as well. The horror festival will have all the classic costumes including witches, vampires, famous serial killers, and more. The booths at the horror fest mean you can get made up as some of the most famous horror movie icons. 


For those looking to forge your own path into the horror film industry, the Texas Frightmare Weekend is the place to be. You can submit your own horror movie to the festival, and the best one will be played at the festival. It might just be the break you're hoping for. Not to mention you'll be having some iconic horror film directors and actors as your audience. You can also go through the short films submitted, to get an idea of the content out there.

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2020 poster


Texas Frightmare Weekend 2020
Price: $30-35
When: Friday, May 1, 2020 - Sunday, May 3, 2020
Address: 231 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX


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