Artist Carves A Stunning Jack-O'-Lantern That Looks Like His Pomeranian For Halloween

Artist Carves A Stunning Jack-O'-Lantern That Looks Like His Pomeranian For Halloween

Andy Manoloff's pumpkin carvings are a work of art. He has created Iron Man, his dog Sophie, and his latest Tony Stark in his unmasked glory.

Halloween and Jack-o'-lanterns are synonymous with each other. With the holiday right around the corner, it is only a matter of time before you get carving your pumpkins for the spooky holiday of the year. While most just make the pumpkin face man come to life, this individual here has taken it to the next level with some stunning artwork.

Meet artist Andy Manoloff. He creates something extraordinary every year for Halloween. His incredible pumpkin carvings are quintessential masterpieces. Manoloff has received many praiseworthy comments for the well-refined and precise nature of his Jack-o'-lanterns over the past 10 years, with his first hit in 2009. He made a superb carving design of Iron Man which spread through social media like wildfire.



A couple of years ago, he had decided to honor his pet dog in his design work. Manoloff figured that pumpkin carvings are his favorite way of merging his passion for art with his cherished holiday. Now, he has thrown in a bone for his beloved dog too. 



"Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and pumpkin carving was something I especially looked forward to as it was a great way to channel my artistic skill and interest in the holiday,"  he told Bored Panda



His work seems to only keep getting better over the years. He uses just an X-Acto knife to make his designs and spends around anywhere between 8-20 hours on each carving. Following his success with the Iron Man pumpkin, he began to base a lot of his work around superheroes. However, his magnum opus in 2017 was his tribute to his pet Pomeranian, Sophie. Manoloff sketched a portrait of the dog on the pumpkin and began doing what he does best: carving. 



There's a time-lapse video on YouTube where you can witness the fine detail and effort that went into the design. While some of us find it difficult to even sketch the outline of an animal on a piece of paper, Manoloff's work is truly mindboggling and deserves all the appreciation and respect he can get. 



He only uses real pumpkins in all his designs, which means they will not last long enough to be treasured in a museum, but the pictures speak the tale quite well.  "Though it is disappointing that they do not last, they offer a unique final appearance that is not matched by the synthetic foam pumpkins," he said.



Manoloff is back this Halloween to carve up another epic design. He plans on sticking to his superhero-themed roots and is going to do another Iron Man pumpkin, except this time, it'll be an unmasked Tony Stark, in honor of the character's finale in the recent Avengers.


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