Goth Lovers Can Now Take A Virtual Walking Tour Of Edgar Allan Poe's House

Goth Lovers Can Now Take A Virtual Walking Tour Of Edgar Allan Poe's House

Fans of horror and goth literature, would you like to take a video tour of the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived?

As we all know that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost all public places have closed its doors, which begs the question, where are the horror fans getting their fix from? Lucky for us, we live in a time when technological advancements have helped us visit places with the help of virtual reality from the comfort of our couch.

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Previously we introduced our readers to the Winchester Virtual Tour, Paris Catacombs Tour, and The Transylvania tour. But today we bring you a tour that will appease both horror lovers and goth literature lovers. 


This year, on January 19, Edgar Allan Poe celebrated his 201st birthday. So how do still we celebrate the achievements of this iconic author? Well, there are many ways if you ask. You can read his books, or you can visit his house and museum. Yes, yes we know that you cannot physically visit the house right now but what if we tell you there is a virtual tour available where you can enjoy the macabre beauty of Poe's house from the comfort of your own home? Sounds quite enticing, doesn't it? 

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This place in Pennsylvania is said to be one of the very few remaining houses where the writer lived and today we are all ready to take you on a journey of the historic house. Even though we know Poe lived in a lot of places in and around Philadelphia, this one was special. His other homes, where he spent some time, can also be found in North Carolina and Maryland which you can still visit. While living in the area, Poe came up with literary geniuses like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Murders In The Rue Morgue, and The Gold Bug. As we all know now, all these works by him are now considered to be timeless pieces of literature. 


At present, you can take a video tour around the house and see how it looks like. The sights and the surroundings will make you wonder if Poe's brain worked the magic alone or if he drew the inspiration from his surroundings. Take a look at this video below and let us know your experience with the video tour. 


While we are on the topic of virtual tours, which horror fan would give up the chance to take an extremely interesting virtual tour through Dracula's castle in Transylvania? Known as Bran's castle, for those who don't know the significance of this place, let me give you a little backstory. In our history classes, we have all read about Vampire king Vlad Dracula and the myths surrounding him. One of the most popular ones was that he could float away to a place he knew about inside his castle. Bram Stoker's Dracula, the one who has cemented its presence so firmly in the pop culture, was inspired by none other than this castle and character. 



One look at the pictures and you will realize that this place looks eerily similar to  Count Dracula's secret lair, and it definitely looks to us like a place where vampires may have lived. And now, according to this report by Dread Central, you can take a virtual tour of this terror-inducing castle from the comfort of your home. All thanks, to Google, people from all around the world can roam the hallways and the secret passages that you have seen being enacted in the movies so many times. You can find the tour right here.

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