These Black Succulents Can Turn Your Home Into The Stuff Of Nightmares This Halloween

These Black Succulents Can Turn Your Home Into The Stuff Of Nightmares This Halloween

Succulents with dark shades and leaves that look like monster claws, you can bring a natural element into your home to spook your guests.

If you can't wait to get started on your Halloween decorations but don't know where to start, worry not, we have found the perfect Halloween item to spook your guests. Black succulents. With dark leaves that look like monster claws, these plants will bring the spooky vibe to your Halloween party. These succulents, different varieties of Echeveria, come in many colors but those with dark shades will complement the bright hues of pumpkins and gourds and give a nice contrast to your Halloween decorations. 



If you've ever searched for Halloween products on Instagram, in all likelihood, you would have come across a hence-and-chick variety of succulents on your feed.  Aptly named, the Black Prince, the echeveria's with dark leaves can make a great centerpiece to your Halloween decorations. The rosettes of thick, while appearing black, are in fact a deep purple, the perfect complement to the orange pumpkin. The 'Black Prince' is priced at $9.85 on Amazon and can grow up to six inches tall and eight inches wide. 



Dark shaded succulents with thick leaves also give an impression of a screaming Demogorgon, that has become popular after the release of Stranger Things. If you're looking for succulents with two shades, you could try the 'Black Knight' echeveria. As with all succulents, they have rosettes of thick, curved, pointed leaves but the leaves are bright green but turn a darker shade as they grow. 

Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' is another popular succulent with a dark shade, ranging between a dark purple and black. Commonly called the Black Rose aeonium, it grows up to three feet tall with the rosettes of leaves growing to eight inches in diameter. The Black Rose aeonium is available for $12.99 on Amazon. 



Succulents come in a host of colors that you could use to customize your Halloween decoration as you find fit. You can find brighter shades such as blue-green, chartreuse, pink, red, yellow, white and burgundy if you're looking to contrast darker shades of succulents. Different varieties of succulents have starkly contrasting leaves that may be rounded, needlelike, berrylike, ruffled, or even spiky.



They are also fairly easy to grow and require minimal care. Succulents prefer dry humidity and warm conditions, so when the weather is considerably cold, they should ideally be kept indoors. While there are variants that require customized care, most succulents, including the ones mentioned above, are easy to grow and survive in environments that are considered too dry for most plants. Succulents have special water-storage tissues that help survive much longer without water than other plants. Also, make it a point to pot them in a fast-draining medium and ensure they aren't watered as often as regular plants. Have them facing a window that gets direct sunlight. 


Nothing brings the spooks like having elements of nature creep into your home. With these dark-shaded succulents carefully arranged around your house, they are guaranteed to haunt your guests' nightmares and give them the jitters this Halloween. 





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