Spirit Halloween Plans On Re-Opening This October And Then Close In November

Spirit Halloween Plans On Re-Opening This October And Then Close In November

Spirit Halloween made the announcement on May 30 saying that they will re-open for a month in October keeping social distancing guidelines in mind.

The coronavirus pandemic has effectively changed life as we know it. While some parts of the world have eased lockdown measures and people are getting back to the new normal. However, there is some good news to lift our mood.  Spirit Halloween has announced that they will re-open their shop for a month in October reports The Hard Times.


It coincides perfectly with Halloween, but I would advise you to hurry and stock up as they will close from November 1. Spirit spokesperson Kofi Pearlman said, "Given the current state of the world amidst COVID, we see it as the safest move for our employees to wait until October to open our stores. At that time, we will test re-opening our stores in strip malls across the country for roughly 4-5 weeks, before closing and looking into our next steps moving forward."


He continued, "All of our employees will be required to wear masks that are not only safe but spooky, fully-equipped with safety features and featuring many of your favorite characters: Captain America, Pennywise, Pickle Rick, all the classics. We will also require people to stay at least one Frankenstein length from each other to maintain social distancing protocols."



But long-time fans of the store were angered by this decision and threatened to boycott the store. One of the locals, Kenneth Bucksweat, said, "I can’t believe Spirit is submitting to the liberal agenda. We should be reopening the economy so we can get back to buying our spooky goblin costumes and pumpkin carving kits, rather than giving in to tyrannical demands of notoriously communist politicians like Dianne Feinstein or Joe Manchin. Spirit will not receive a dime from me unless they reopen immediately and go back to selling skeleton window clings and neon-colored plastic rings with spiders on them in full force."


But there were some others who smelled something fishy in their statement. Bakari Towns, an economist, noted, "I don’t know if this is necessarily unprecedented. Don’t they usually open in like, late September anyway? People aren’t typically banging on the doors for fake cobwebs and CDs of chain noises in the middle of summer.” 


It was also reported that Spirit Halloween will also open 22,600 new locations including retail spaces which once housed the now-bankrupt brands like JCPenny, Pier 1 Imports, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

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