'Punky Brewster' Is FINALLY Getting A Reboot After 30 Years, And Soleil Moon Is Returning!

'Punky Brewster' Is FINALLY Getting A Reboot After 30 Years, And Soleil Moon Is Returning!

After three decades, Punky Brewster is all set to hit the small screens once again, only this time, she is a single mother of three kids.

Yes, it has been 30 years. Yes, you are OLD. 'Punky Brewster', the beloved American sitcom, which featured a young girl being raised by her foster parent is now making a comeback and getting a reboot. Starring George Gaynes, Soleil Moon Frye, Susie Garrett, Cherie Johnson, T. K. Carter, the show first aired in 1984 on NBC and continued for two seasons, later on moving to Syndication for two more till 1988.

The sitcom addressed various social issues and won major critical acclaim for having a culturally diverse cast, beautiful theme, and a great storyline.



Punky was immensely popular back in the day and now, since we are living in the era of reboots, UCP is all set to bring her back and present her to the audience of today. But, unlike the usual reboots, this one will feature the original Punky once again, aka Soleil is coming back to resume her role! But, here's the catch, the series is way ahead into the future, and well, instead of being a cute little girl herself, Punky is now a single mother dealing with her own three kids.



According to Deadline, the 'reboot' will continue Punky's story, like a 'sequel', and I am not quite sure why everybody is calling it a reboot but okay.  Soleil Moon Frye became a pop sensation because of 'Punky Power' and everybody adored her. Well, she is not seven anymore, obviously, but at 42 with four kids, she is still gorgeous as ever and extremely excited to return to her popular title.



In David W. Duclon's original, Punky Brewster was a little kid dealing with her own issues and going on little adventures while living with her foster dad. In the reboot, we will see her as a single mother raising three kids on her own, trying to get her life together and she'll meet a young girl, which will remind her of her old days. Steve and Jim Armogida of School of Rock have penned the script for the upcoming reboot.

Frye herself is serving as the executive producer along with Duclon and Emmy-winning producer Jimmy Fox. She also shared an old picture of herself as Punky Brewster to Instagram and announced that it is indeed happening. "I have a big giant secret to finally share with you! She is back and I am back too! #PUNKYPOWER," she captioned her post and the internet freaked out. "Yahoo!! So exciting!" commented American actress Melissa Joan Hart. "The BEST!!!" added actor and director David Arquette.



Moon Frye previously revealed that she admires little Punky and holds her very dear, "I have so many incredible memories of Punky, and I really hold her so close to my heart. She will always be a part of me, she was a true trendsetter. I loved that she really was such a style icon. I look at so many designers today and their inspiration for Punky in the mismatched shoes and colorful ‘80s experience. I just love her. She was old-school before old school was old school! She was hip-hop! She’s all about expressing individuality.”

What are your thoughts on the reboot? Watch this space for more details!

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