Sia Surprises Shoppers As She Goes Undercover And Pays For Their Thanksgiving Groceries

Sia Surprises Shoppers As She Goes Undercover And Pays For Their Thanksgiving Groceries

The day before Thanksgiving, Sia went undercover at Walmart and paid for their customers' groceries.

This Thanksgiving, Sia turned Santa Claus to unexpected shoppers at Walmart where she paid for their groceries. The Australian singer-songwriter went undercover a day before Thanksgiving and waited by the cash register to pay for the Thanksgiving shopping that the people had done. She told them that her name was Cici and that she had won the lottery. 

Many of the people who got to experience her generosity did not recognize her immediately. The singer is known to be very private and covers her face with a wig during most of her appearances in public. On learning that the big-hearted, mystery woman was the Grammy-nominee singer, people shared the story of her benevolence on social media.



One user who had not recognized her at the time but was grateful for her kindness said, "I work at the Walmart and she kept telling the associates and customers her name is Cece and she won the lottery and she wanted to give back. I literally thanked her for what she was doing for other people four times. She was so friendly! Kept hugging everyone."



Another person who experienced the singer's generosity tweeted the singer, thanking her and apologized for publicly letting everyone know about her kindness which they thought should be acknowledged. In the video they shared, we can see a woman give Sia a bouquet of flowers and hug her, presumably as a way of thanking her for paying for her grocery as well. 



The mother of Twitter user elsie (@elsiehurtadoo), who shared the story of a nice lady paying for her groceries on Facebook, only learned the lady was Sia after people informed her about it under the post. She also added, "On our way to pay she goes “it’s your lucky day” my mother thought she was saying it because she was going to cash us out haha."



Another Twitter user was touched by how humble she was as she tried to hide her true identity while paying for everyone's groceries. They tweeted, "So @Sia was at Walmart in Palm Springs paying everyone’s groceries for thanksgiving! That’s amazing! I legit been listening to her the past 3 days! She’s an amazing human! 



Twitter user Bella (@chuntirella) tweeted,  "I’m still trippin out on last night. I met Sia and she paid for my things. She’s the sweetest. God bless her!!" Other users lauded the singer's kind spirit, while one user said they named their child after Sia because of how they admired her talented, generous, kind, and human soul. Even Walmart acknowledged her as the "Thanksgiving fairy."


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