Gorillas Strike A Hilarious, Almost Human-Like Pose With Anti-Poaching Rangers For Selfie

Gorillas Strike A Hilarious, Almost Human-Like Pose With Anti-Poaching Rangers For Selfie

The picture was taken at the Virunga National Park by a ranger and has garnered thousands of likes and comments. It also threw light on the dangerous plight of rangers and animals in a zone that has been ravaged by war for 2 decades

A selfie taken by anti-poaching rangers at a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has aroused a lot of curiosity and interest in people. It has also been shared and commented on social media thousands of times. Taken at the Virunga National Park, the picture shows one of the rangers with two gorillas behind him, standing on their hind legs and looking extraordinarily like humans, reports Daily Mail. Another ranger is at the far end behind the gorillas.

Virunga has around 600 dedicated and the two rangers snapped the heart-warming picture along with the gorillas who can weigh up to 400lbs. Besides this picture, the ranger, Patrick Sadiki has shared a number of other heartwarming pictures with the two gorillas named Ndakasi and Matabishi. Some of these feature the rangers and the animals cuddling, another shows one of them being carried on one of the ranger's shoulders.




Reactions to these pictures ranged from amazement to those commending the work done by the rangers. Nico Spalato‏  wrote on Twitter: Anti-poaching ranger's extraordinary selfies with two gorillas that look almost HUMAN in Congo national park Virunga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has 600 dedicated rangers  All of the rangers go through an extensive six-month training regime. Another Twitter post by  Tiffany Fijalkovic‏ read: This guy is amazing!!! He has a huge heart and protects these cuties from poachers!!!! Two gorillas at the Virunga National Park in Congo looked human-like as they posed for a selfie


Twitter handle The Inside Drop wrote: Best thing I've seen today The handsome gorillas live at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If there were any awards for selfie pictures many people wrote that the picture will surely take the cake. Kabir Taneja‏ wrote on his Twitter account: Possibly the greatest selfie ever taken, a ranger and friends at Virunga National Park in DR Congo. Yvonne Ndege who former journalist wrote on Twitter:  Selfie of the Year no question! An anti-Gorilla poaching Ranger in Virunga National Park, Congo! It’s going viral. Reported this story for @AJEnglish years ago from there Didn’t get this close! What a hero! Let’s support anti-poaching in DRC #gorillas



The picture of the standing gorillas and others throw light on the very close bonds shared between man and animal in these parts where many rangers have perished in the line of duty.  The park has been heavily affected by armed conflict in and war over the last two decades and so the work done by rangers like Sadiki acquires more prominence and is also very dangerous. Just last week two ranges from the park died while on duty. So far as many as 179 rangers have died in the national park. according to the park's website. 






"These local men and women go through intensive training, risking their lives on a daily basis to safeguard the park's exceptional wildlife, including the last of the world's critically endangered mountain gorillas,' the website states. All of the rangers are locals and undergo an exhaustive 6-month training regime to qualify as rangers. The park requires support in the form of donations to continue their work. 

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