People Spot A Mysterious, Creepy Figure In TikTok Dancer's Video Who Was Home Alone

People Spot A Mysterious, Creepy Figure In TikTok Dancer's Video Who Was Home Alone

A terrifying figure can be seen lurking in the background of the video and its honestly creepy.

There are some people who believe in the supernatural and there are others who don't. Even if you are a staunch nonbeliever, there are certain incidents told by people or certain videos we see that never fail to run a chill down our spine. A TikTok dancer has recently gone viral after a figure was spotted lurking in the background, even though the dancer says he stays alone and has no pets, reported News AU. TikTok user Reuben, going by the name @reubix_cube, posted a video of himself dancing, but little did he know how viral this video will end up afterward. 

In the video, he was dancing to Doja Cat's song Say So and captioned the video writing, "Lmao I'm home alone so I learned a TikTok dance. Love u Doja but what has my life come to?" But it wasn't his dance moves that caught the attention of his followers. Instead, terrified viewers pointed out that a mysterious figure was hiding in the background on the stairs.

If you watch the video, the figure can be seen and it is honestly creepy. As the dancer shifts position and starts rolling his arms around, the figure pops its head around the corner just for a second. As reported by The Sun, one user commented, "The AMOUNT OF ANXIETY I have from his video. That's someone literally poking their head TO LOOK AT YOU." Another one added, "Did ya'll see that?? In the background??' A third one said, "It’s 3 am I did not need this right now."




While people thought it was a supernatural phenomenon, others worried that this might be all planned and Reuben just wanted to go viral, particularly because his body seemed to move in a way to draw attention to the figure and also because he specifically mentioned that he is home alone.




In this context, one person wrote, "The fact he said he’s home alone kinda makes me feel it’s staged tho." A second one added, "Look man I MIGHT OF [sic] believed you if you didn’t specifically say you were home alone." 



The original video had millions of views and a follow-up video posted by the dancer reacting to the “creepy figure" has over 6.2 million views. The dancer also posted a number of videos updating his followers about the situation, initially thanking them all for their concern. The dancer explained that he felt sick to his stomach and couldn't sleep at all that night. 



In a follow-up post, he denied that his video was staged and he said some of the negative quotes were disturbing. But he also thanked others who supported him and gave him useful ideas. Even then, it looks like we still don't know who or what was up in those stairs the night Rueben was filming his video. And if anything I've learned after watching years of horror movies, it is that some things are best left unexplored. 

Check out the video here: 



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