Photographer Captures A Giant Squirrel With Dazzling Multi-Colored Fur In Stunning Photos

Photographer Captures A Giant Squirrel With Dazzling Multi-Colored Fur In Stunning Photos

These squirrels are native to the southern Indian subcontinent and often grow to be twice the size of the grey squirrels common in North America.

It's no surprise that artists often look to nature for inspiration. There are a plethora of colors, color combinations, patterns and more found in the flora and fauna of life. Speaking of fauna, say hello to our furry friend from South Asia, the Malabar Giant Squirrel. 

There is a good reason for its nomenclature. For one, Malabar giant squirrels are huge — they're two times the size of an eastern grey squirrel with bodies that span 36 inches from head to tail. It's also called the Indian Giant Squirrel and is found in the upper-canopy of Indian jungles and some other parts of South Asia. For most North Americans, a squirrel usually means a timid and frantic brown or grew-black rodent scampering around for nuts and seeds. The Malabar Giant Squirrel rarely leaves the trees and uses tall profusely branched trees for the construction of nests. 






Another thing that differentiates them from other rodents is the color of their fur. It's a beautiful mix of maroon, purple and orange. The Independent reports that they can measure up to 36 inches nose-to-tail, which is double the size of the average gray squirrel you would spot in your backyard. The species has existed for centuries but an amateur photographer from India recently brought them to light with his amazing photographs.







Fox News covered 39-year-old Kaushik Vijayan's catalog as he captured several shots of the stunning rodent on his journey through the forests of India. "The sight was an absolute feast for my eyes," Vijayan told SWNS. "The squirrels fascinated me and I got excited to capture this beauty on my camera. Up until that point I had never heard about a squirrel like that, or seen one."



Kaushik's social media blew up with many heaping praise for his incredible photos after he posted them online. His stunning pictures were shared across the country and the world. Based on the immense response he has received, Kaushik plans to go out and capture more amazing animals on camera, reports New York Post



According to animal experts, The Malabar Giant Squirrel is mostly active in the early hours of the morning and in the evening, resting in the midday. They are typically solitary animals that only come together for breeding. The species is believed to play a substantial role in shaping the ecosystem of its habitat by engaging in seed dispersal. They are herbivorous animals with a diet that includes fruit, flowers, nuts and tree bark.




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