Sandra Bullock Has Quietly Donated $5 Million For Disaster Relief Charities Across The World

Sandra Bullock Has Quietly Donated $5 Million For Disaster Relief Charities Across The World

Also known as America's Sweetheart, Bullock has been at the forefront of charitable causes for quite a while now, but did you know she has been continuing her humanitarian activities quietly all these years?

In 2017, a lot of organizations and celebrities came forward and chipped in to help the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas, and one among the many charitable celebrities was Sandra Bullock.

She was also on the news as she donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. Sandra Bullock is a beautiful and talented actress, an amazing human being, and a loving mother. But there is also a side of the actress that not many know.



From donating more than half a million dollars to the people affected by the 2018 California Wildfires, she has also taken Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans under her wing back in 2005.

But did you know she kept a lot of her charitable works hidden from the public? In fact, a report by E! Online said that Sandra Bullock has donated more than $5 million since 2001 and after knowing this, our respect for the actress has grown multifold. 



Bullock said in a statement, "I'm just grateful I can do it. We have to take care of one another."

While donating $5 million is a HUGE amount, she hasn't stopped there. The actress has helped build a clinic in New Orleans' oldest public high school and has also donated a considerable sum of money to help keep the legendary pool manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Svend Petersen stay comfortable after he went through an economic crisis. 



Sandra Bullock has also donated generously across the world. When the Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, she came in to support the people. She also came to the aid of the people of Haiti during the 2010 Earthquake and in Japan during the 2011 earthquake.

When the Twin Towers and The Pentagon were hit with one of the worst terrorist attacks, that left 2,996 people dead and 6,000 others wounded, Bullock was one of the many celebrities that came forward and donated to various relief funds to help those families. She herself donated $1,000,000 at the time.

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