Sam Elliott Dances To 'Old Town Road' For A Super Bowl Commercial & People Are Losing It

Sam Elliott Dances To 'Old Town Road' For A Super Bowl Commercial & People Are Losing It

Lil Nas X and America's popular Western cowboy had a hilarious dance-off over a bag of Doritos and the internet is loving it.

When 20-year-old rapper Lil Nas X released a new version of "Old Town Road", nobody guessed how popular this song would become. A new ad for Doritos Cool Ranch for the Super Bowl 2020, featured the young rapper and 75-year-old Sam Elliott, America's popular cowboy. Together they have an old-fashioned Western dance-off instead of a quick draw over a bag of Doritos' updated flavor according to Country Living



In the ad, we see Nas X riding through a dusty town called 'Cool Ranch'. He is dressed in all-black on a dark horse with speakers on either side of the saddle. When he arrives, Elliott challenges him for a duel over a bag of Doritos. Rather than getting his gun out, the two decide to have a dance-off as Nas X's popular track plays in the background. 


In response, Elliott gives his famous mustache wave. In return, Nas X shows off his impeccable footwork. As the video progresses, we see hip hop moves from the youngster, which Elliott counteracts with some awe-inspiring bends, classic line dancing and slapping himself on the backside. 




Next, Nas X and his steed do a dance move together. When Elliott looks to his horse to respond to, the horse comically denies him the opportunity. Defeated, he tips his hat to Nas X who walks away with the bag of Doritos in hand.






While Elliott's career has spanned over five decades, he is better known to the younger audience for his performance in the 2018's A Star Is Born remake. He played Bradley Cooper's older brother and earned his first-ever Oscar nomination. Interestingly enough, this Super Bowl ad for Doritos is his first SuperBowl commercial in over 40 years and it's amazing. 



In a conversation with Adweek, Elliott said, "I was a little concerned about having to dance at this point in my life. I used loved to dance, Iโ€™ve always been athletic but, you know, at 75 things slow down... I wasnโ€™t worried about opening my mouth and talking, but the dancing was a challenge." Elliott was introduced to Nas X's music by his daughter and also mentioned that it was a pleasure to work with the young man.




He said, "I found him a pretty solid kid. He worked hard. Heโ€™d never been in front of a camera on the film set before, and he was up to the challenge. And he couldnโ€™t have been nicer to be around."


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