'80s Horror Classic 'Pumpkinhead' Is Getting A Remake From 'Saw' Producer

'80s Horror Classic 'Pumpkinhead' Is Getting A Remake From 'Saw' Producer

Even though horror fans have to wait for some more time, Peter Block has assured the fans saying that there is something exciting in store for the fans.

If you are a fan of 'Pumpkinhead', then you might remember Saw producer Peter Block had earlier bought the rights to remake 1988’s Stan Winston-directed creature classic Pumpkinhead.

It was the first movie in a four-film franchise. The story has moved forward but only in the comic world. But now, Block assured the fans that the Pumpkinhead reboot is still in works and he has some solid surprise in store for the fans. 



In a conversation with Rue Morgue, Block said, "We have some exciting news that I’m not allowed to share yet, but that should be making its way out soon. Pumpkinhead is a movie I just love… and while the original Pumpkinhead is a great movie, I think that there is more than can be done with that idea. Sometimes I loathe remakes and reboots because I don’t see the reason for them, but Pumpkinhead is one of those where I believe that the story and the themes of it are so good, but there’s also a way of updating it where less focus on the creature, in the beginning, will add to a lot of the suspense.”



In the original movie, the role of Ed Harley was played by Lance Henriksen, who portrayed the role of a grieving father who conjures up the titular monster in an effort to kill those who took his young son from him. After the release of the original movie, it spawned a few sequels, but they were all contained to video/television. 




It has been a long wait for the fans, around three decades actually. While it a given that the fans will continue waiting, they still want the movie to release ASAP.

At present, there is no information available on who is going to direct the movie, neither it is clear who may be tapped to start. It does not seem like this will be a legacy sequel that will connect the earlier movies of the franchise. Most likely, it is going to be a completely new remake, but sadly, all the fans will have to wait until anything official is announced. 



The original 'Pumpkinhead' is directed by legendary Stan Winston and the story followed a man who conjures up a beast so that he can have his revenge on those who took his son away from him. The movie was applauded by the critics for its use of practical effects and went on to become a cult classic. 

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